Thursday, 30 August 2012

hey- donal dineen! our brains fell out. what are you doing, so we can do it too?

donal dineen is an irish radio presenter, film-maker and former television presenter. up until recently his late night radio show 'small hours' showcased an eclectic mix of electronica and world music on today fm. while his live dj sets have set him apart as a notorious facilitator of sweat therapy. like, oh my god, i'm dying and stuff like that. now we just need to get him back on our airways again - to get all franz mesner up on our asses and provide a soundtrack to our insomnia. we caught up with him after his gig at skibbereen arts festival and said "tell me tings?". not to be confused with "tell me things.". crazily enough, he did...

listening to: katie kim, sean mac erlaine, patrick kelleher, gang colours, how to dress well, four tet & burial, dauwd, dntel, phosphorescent and polonaise. 

reading: kevin barry

watching: old arena documentaries, the stuff youtube is great for. i saw a magnificent one of francis bacon recently. it was a great insight into his extraordinary world.

eating: loads as usual

loving: the kerry football team and kerry in general to be honest.


inspired by:the heroes on the ground.

bored of: hearing bad News with a capital N.

fearful of: everything turning out the same. 

dreaming of: going back. 

your personal mantra: no mantra no cry. 

[aine herlihy]