Saturday, 29 October 2011

we got that free wheeling feeling...

today was spent roller skating through parks paved ornately with golden leaves. as the wind whipped our hair fecklessly, we blew gum and saluted a sinking sun and waited for the distant cry of an ice cream van. when it did not manifest, we listened instead to our favourite roller skating track du jour, 'i'm his girl'.  in late march when brooklyn quintet friends released their debut single 'friends crush' we fawned all over it a little bit. now when we find ourselves with four wheels under an impeccably arched foot, we listen to this 'tropiccol'  track 'i'm his girl'. and when we flail and fall and lie like fat beached whales, we just pump up the volume and embrace the damp soil, hugging our back... 

[aine herlihy]

Thursday, 27 October 2011

the unseen fashion scene

when most people think fashion week, chances are the words london, paris, new york and milan are the first to spring to mind. but have you ever considered that there might be fashion weeks going on almost every day, in every part of the world that most of us mainstream western world fashion followers don't even know exist?

this is what vice's charlet duboc has set out to uncover in fashion week internationale, a series of documentary films airing on the films are an absolute joy to watch, perfectly balancing investigative journalism with entertainment value and humour.

throughout the series duboc travels to some of the most unlikely fashion destinations possible, from pakistan to colombia, and unearths some even stranger characters along the way. this week's installment comes in the form of full figured fashion week in new york city. Check it out from today: watch with awe as duboc uncovers a nyc fashion week where members definitely have their cake and eat it too.

Tuesday, 25 October 2011

anyone for a spot of latin infused folk?

poxymash intends to kick start this friday night (28th) with the latin infused folk stylings of rodrigo braga.
not content with furthering the boundaries of neuroscience during his day job, rod also regularly gigs around london with his mix of traditional brazilian and contemporary singer/songwriter tunes, keeping audiences captive at his intimate gigs in such legendary venues as the troubadour and the halfmoon putney.
however, this friday sees him in a headline slot at the shoreditch warehouse venue cargo, which will likely result in much samba-esque dancing and caipirinha drinking.

please see below for relevant links and we shall see you there!

[image: ewa sapinska]

[callum dickson]

Monday, 17 October 2011

because mondays are made of dark disco...

jean luc goddard with all the wisdom of his swiss-french nouvelle vague-ness, once stated that all anyone needed to make a movie was a girl and a gun. and a gosling it seems.
drive, directed by danish film maker nicolas winding refm is the ultimate hollywood heist-movie-gone-wrong. but all the better for its moody neo noir, comic gore, b-movie aesthetics. the soundtrack, as like the movie, is winsomely retro and smooth, providing us with this gorgeous dark disco song ‘real hero’ by college featuring electric youth.
we may as a result even sit our driving test now. or at least head for our nearest chevy dealership and listen to this tune on an i-pod we robbed from a pawn shop.
[aine herlihy]

Tuesday, 11 October 2011

it's tuesday: get into outerwear!

it's getting cold. don't bother denying it, you're only fooling yourself. plus, with every passing day, the inevitable turning-back-of-the-clocks draws ever closer (making the halloween weekend terrifying for a whole other reason).

still, this is nice, isn't it? neutral palette, mid-90s-inspired minimalist silhouette, contrast leather accents - it's winter perfection. if we wanted to make this sound like magazine copy, we'd say it ticks all the AW11 boxes. but we don't, so we won't.

wear it with cigarette trousers, sheer maxi skirts, your favourite all-white ensembles, 40s tea dresses, brogues, slippers, bowler hats, turbans, cinch it in with an obi-style belt - anyway, you get the idea. it's v-v-v-v-versatile.

nice one, topshop.

buy it here.

Monday, 10 October 2011

hurry up, it's streaming!

urban outfitters is now streaming m83's new album, hurry up, we're dreaming. according to reliable sources, this is occurring not via some sort of cd-hooked-up-to-telephone-hooked-up-to-laptop device, but with what is known as a widget. we're not really fussed either way, as long as the end result is the same.

for electronic-dream-pop deliciousness, listen here.


ps. the album's out on october 18. pre-order it here.


samuel says: roll with it

styling notes: wear with electric blue ankle trousers and soft leather brogues. not best friends with brights? go for a pair of indigo slim fit jeans with a turn up. want more? i would add pair of thick-rimmed glasses - that's just the kind of guy i am!

[burgundy roll neck sweater, £130, mr start: buy it here]

[samuel smith]

Sunday, 9 October 2011

look at this rad thing we found #2:

hattie newman and matthew brodie: putting premier vision out of business since 2011. who knew paper could look this fabulous?



Tuesday, 4 October 2011

look at this rad thing we found #1:

my house is built of bricks, mortar, and a few unreliable looking floorboards cobbled together with blu-tack and bits of dental floss (unused).

this house is built of lego.

this house wins.

check out mike doyle's amazing creations here; anyone who refers to plastic building blocks as the everyman art gets the poxymash tick of approval.

now, pass me the meccano please: i'm off to do some diy.



Monday, 3 October 2011

late night shopping

what's that you say? combine my love of fashion with my love of scotch?? impossible, my friends! such a feat is surely unachievable for a humble being such as myself.

but no - fortuitously, it would appear i am mistaken: enter maison scotch. we all know how much everyone needs polka dots in their wardrobe this winter: stella decreed it, and thus it shall be. but for those who don't really require the asymmetrical cocktail dress with polka dot mesh yoke (i know there's at least a couple of us), and whose needs are more along the lines of the practical yet ever-alluring mac-type garment, this charming raincoat (£122.00) will have you seeing spots. and with a water resistant finish, those wayward splashes of johnnie walker will just wipe away, no worries.

so why wait? sign on the dotted line: buy it here.


Sunday, 2 October 2011

west of the mark

i don't really like kanye west. it's nothing personal (lies: it totally is), i just find it hard to esteem rampant narcissism and daft-punk-degradation in a man. this is perhaps a shame, as i might otherwise find his particular brand of tourettes intriguing and endearing.

suffice to say, i've been fostering a slight grudge since the stomach-turning stronger. so when lisa armstrong's telegraph piece about his debut ss12 collection in paris appeared on my feed this sunny morning:

stick to the day job, kanye: kanye west's debut fashion collection is rap with a capital-c.

i'm not going to pretend i wasn't suffused with a subtle sense of schadenfreude.

by all accounts, west's designs aren't heinous, merely misjudged. armstrong is right: the world does not need another bandage dress. nor another pair of skin-tight metallic jeans that languish in our wardrobes, waiting patiently for the day we magically metamorphosize into ms moss. and fur rucksacks? for summer? is that what i'm going to be taking to tamarama this season? that one is going to be a delight after a bit of saltwater and salt and vinegar get to it.

i think it could be the overlong jeans, the metallics that sing pure bling, or the undisguised penchant for shine-on-shine ensembles, but i can imagine west himself donning a few of his creations before an evening of good ol' fashion mic hijacking. perhaps this is where he went wrong: for womenswear, his offerings are old time, but made for men, maybe it could have been a runway revolution. although, let's be honest: probably not.

all in all, there's nothing too damning - i don't think a smear campaign against such a worthy opponent is a calculated risk the tele is tempted to take. however, if it were me, and my collection was referred to as a "stupendously vacuous enterprise", i'd certainly lay low for a while.

time to alphebetise the mink collection, perhaps.


Saturday, 1 October 2011

remember those books by graeme base?

well, this photographer's work reminds us of that, in the most charming way. 

mikel uribetxeberria has a name that is delightfully unpronounceable to a simple sydney mind such as mine (apparently 'tx' is 'ch'), and hails from azkoitia, in northern spain's basque country (look how much we're learning today! and it's the weekend, too). 

he has exhibited in paris, mexico, berlin and madrid, in addition to having won a slew of awards. yes, that's right, a slew.

my favourite is his animalia collection; obviously in part because of the whole graeme base aspect, which reminds me of the eleventh hour, and how my world was turned upside down when the culprit turned out to be that bastard mouse with the pretentious name that escapes me for the minute. however, more prosaically, i can't go past the displaced 'wrong place at the wrong time' feeling of it. it makes me feel that at least it's not just me.