Wednesday, 27 October 2010

the joys of street style: tonight at the bookclub with ted polhemus

whether pouring over the photos on the sartorialist, jak & jill, the street style bit in magazines or just people watching around east london; poxymash loves an excuse to ponder the attire of others. indeed, we will soon be launching our very own street style section too…

so, we’re particularly excited about the bookclub tonight, where author of streetstyle, ted polhemus will be discussing his latest theory, supermarket of style, followed by a q&a and signing of the book.

first published in 1994,
streetstyle is one of the earliest and most up to date accounts of street style through the fashion eras, rolling through the trends that continue to influence our current way of dressing and thinking.

supermarket of style in the 21st century, talk and discussion featuring ted polhemus and guests.
wednesday 27th October, 7:30-10pm £8 + complimentary drink.

[tara wheeler]

Tuesday, 26 October 2010

review of : uncle boonmee who can recall his past lives

uncle boonmee who can recall his past lives
by apichatpong weerasethakul
starring - sakda kaewbuadee, jenjira pongpas, thanapat saisaymar
certificate – tbc
running time – 114mins
release date – 19 november 2010

the thai director with the unpronounceable name is, with his fifth feature length, enjoying international recognition. “you can call me joe”, he says, aware that the audience will stutter if they intend to call him by his name.
‘joe’ is only 40 years old, looks younger than that and talks about comic books, soap operas and classic hollywood adventure films. these, he says, were all influences for his new film, this year’s palm d’or winner in cannes, uncle boonmee who can recall his past lives.

i’m sure he isn’t tricking anyone when he says he considers this a “very straight-forward film”. maybe in comparison with his other works, usually present in new-asian cinema retrospectives and adored by the masters of cinema crowd. no, the film isn’t straight-forward nor overly complex, it’s just cryptic and metaphorical, slow-paced and unusual. it’s also really, really good, so let’s get it out of the way - uncle boonmee is not the rough diamond that critics and festivals are raving around the world, it will upset a lot of cinephiles and introduce the work of this director to others. but it’s, nevertheless, one of this year’s most enigmatic and engaging pictures and any reason to miss the opportunity to watch it and engage in the discussion, is inexcusable.

if it wasn’t for the clue on the title, it would be even more difficult to decode the plot. uncle boonmee lives near the forest, he suffers from kidney problems but doesn’t contemplate death with the same fatalism of western mentality. instead he embarks on a journey of past reflections via his, supposed, past lives, who he can recall (there you go); his dead wife, who hauntingly appears to him in a physical manifestation in one of the prettiest images of ghosts one can think of; and his dead son who appears to him as monkey-person with ruby eyes, is one of the most unconvincing representations of ghosts one will see.

nothing actually happens. boonmee talks to his sister, and illegal caretaker. boonmee tells his wife he loves her. boonmee reminisces about killing communists and insects. boonmee visits his crops and workers. there isn’t a single moment of self-pity and this is all connected to the buddhist mentality behind the philosophy of the film. death, we think, is only a form of escapism into a different existence and the crossover between past and change lies in the centerfold of the film. right in the beginning, an ox escapes from a leash that ties him to a tree, and roams the forest in freedom; boonmee’s son’s death is represented by his wish to become a monkey-person; in its most memorable sequence, an ugly princess gives her body to a talking catfish so she can become beautiful.comparatively, boonmee does not rely on incarnation. he, aware of being an old soul who experienced the world in its many forms, falls on a journey to achieve full circle to his existence. one of the last sequences leads him to a cave where he reflects about the genesis of man, probably the closest this film will ever get to an arc.

and this is pretty much all i got without dwelling on the director’s notes, even some moments are kept too difficult to grasp, like the photomontage of a group of young guerilla soldiers with a captive monkey-person. apichatpong confessed that the film is inspired by the area where he grew up, his father’s death and, above all, the media. each twenty minute sequence, he says, is shot differently and that is impressive how well they connect to each other, yet, the small changes are noticeable. the reason is that each sequence mirrors a different media universe from television, soap operas, adventure movies, comic books, etc. “media is like a body, it disappears and comes back”, says the director thus shedding a bit of light. the end, with two characters watching themselves watching television, is cyclical and well done, and we guess that’s what he was talking about. for me it still relates to the willingness of escapism, where the ending represents it as pejorative for our inane and consuming society. so a careful viewer will never feel disconnected, if sometimes confused.

but the best way to praise this film is leave it open to discussion. every time i wrote how difficult it was, and it is, definitely not for everybody, i did it with the utmost admiration. true, it’s slow and impenetrable, but it also reaches a dreamlike quality that is addictive and puzzling.


[francisco silva]

think positive.

here at poxymash, we like to think positive. and we're not the only ones. think positive have joined forces with cancer charities futuredreams and breakthrough breast cancer to form one giant cancer battling superpower (which is the best way to go about things, we think). do your bit for this conglomorate of fabulous philanthropists by wearing a futuredreams x think positive white slim fit t shirt [£49] - 20% of each sale goes to fighting breast cancer.

[jessica aureli]

the scribbler

this is the beautiful work courtesy of mon chéri ami vic riches (the scribbler). she is an amazing artist based in london who observes the world that moves around her and in repsonse puts pen to paper to create some really stunning illustrations. i met vic whilst she was studying in manchester nearly two years ago but since then she has moved to the bright lights and is now currently undertaking a fashion degree at kingston university. i have chosen to show a few of my personal favourites, but have a look at her website to see all of her work by clicking the link below.

the scribbler:
let your eyes enjoy.

[fred paginton]

attention all bands: it's just a shot away!

in a band? like anyone in a band? seen a good band recently? then the following opportunity may be of interest… nme, zippo, the idea generation gallery and world famous photographer – ‘the man who shot the 70s’ - mick rock are running a competition for british bands and you've got one week 'til entries close.

the prize is to be photographed by mick in east london on the 11th of november; photographs will be released for the band’s use, as well as being publicised by idea generation gallery, which opens its rock: music exhibition the same week.

the winning band will also be featured in nme and granted free rehearsal time in the zippo rehearsal rooms, opposite the idea generation gallery in shoreditch. footage from the rehearsal rooms will be streamed onto redchurch street and a number of industry folk have been invited to view the bands’ work for potential festival and record label signings. zippo rehearsal rooms sessions will also be granted to runner up bands.

bands need to email zippo at []
providing 200 words on why they should win, along with a photo of the band. entries close 2nd november.

[tara wheeler]

Monday, 25 October 2010

review of gareth edwards soon to be released, monsters.

by gareth edwards
starring – scoot mcnairy, whitney able
released – 3 december 2010
certificate – tbc
running time – 94mins

movies about alien invasions often prove to be dull forays into individual courage and man’s inevitable victory in honour of his ingenuity and will for dominance over his planet. monsters, thankfully, is a thoughtful journey into how such a situation would affect people who are simply caught in the crossfire, the people who just want to live their lives whilst super powers try to move the world to their own needs.

ambitious young photographer andrew kaulder is on the hunt to catch a potentially lucrative photograph of the aliens that have been causing havoc in central mexico; half of the country has been sectioned off and labelled an infected zone. he’s had no luck, only finding decayed remains beneath the rubble of buildings. his mission is interrupted with the small errand of checking in on samantha wynden (whitney able), daughter of the owner of the magazine he is working for. he is persuaded by his boss to ensure her safe passage back to the states.

as the alien infection spreads wider, their options for getting across the border begin to narrow until they are given no choice but to take an illicit route straight through the heart of the ‘infected zone’ with the help of native smugglers. much less of an invasion movie the structure and emotional territory of the movie rings more like a melodrama set in a war-torn environment. the people of mexico, living on the border of the infected zone watch the tv news reports, as detached from the peril as if living on the other side of the world.

the analogy is not subtle. the film is about the effect a major conflict can have on indigenous people and others caught in the crossfire. it also tries to shed an accessible portrayal of the trials of illegal immigration. the film has chosen to market itself in a similar way to district 9, which could be problematic, seeing as no one asked for another district 9. but could also be problematic as anyone who goes to see this expecting something in a similar territory will be underwhelmed by the film’s ultimate plot, a love story.

what makes the film work on such a fine scale is its execution. much like neill blomkamp of district 9, gareth edwards has cut his teeth as a visual effects supervisor for tv. but he has pared down the scale, much of it feels like cinema verité, even on occasion drifting into mumble-core territory (an easily derided but inherently influential sub-genre of modern indie-cinema); there are no exploding white houses, no tidal waves destroying entire cities. monsters makes you look at the decay and neglect that becomes the overarching horror of such a conflict, not the instantaneous attacks and battles. the aliens themselves are second to the effects of man’s intentions to eradicate. shot on an estimated $15,000 and using minimal crew, edwards has created a world that is no different to the world we inhabit now, and that’s what makes this all the more powerful.


[d w robinson]

Sunday, 24 October 2010

golden sundays.

well, it's the end of a fabulously lace-filled week, and i thought i'd really push the boat out for the final entry. it's late on a sunday evening, and i had my last shift at part-time job today before starting new full-time job tomorrow (no rest for the wicked), so i'm going to have to keep this on the pleasant side of brief, but i thought i'd send us all into a new week feeling shiny and positive, so i've jazzed up my gold supergas with mr lacy's gold smallies.

i'm hoping that they'll induce some sunshine into the beginning of the week (as we slide inevitably, and terrifyingly, into the dark days of
turning the clocks back - perhaps if we pretend it's not happening, it just won't happen).

with love and laces,

[jessica aureli]

Saturday, 23 October 2010

saturday night laces: twist and shout.

i'm going to begin by stating that i'm sure that noone's reading this; that instead everyone is out in the cold painting the town hypercolours. however, i shall blog on industriously. succinctly, and briefly (i'm tired, and want to fall asleep with a campari and soda in my hand watching flight of the conchords).

so, saturday laces, mark ii (just in case you're feeling churlish and are holding up my misdemeanor of having technically not blogged a friday lace entry. bastards). here are my beloved adicolours, ameliorated by some stunning kermit green mr lacy flatties. please note the sophisticated twistee lacing style.

that's about it from me tonight - keep sending over those lacing examples for the chance to win a prize whose mystery is only exceeded by its divinity.

[jessica aureli]

my own monochrome.

unfortunately, technical difficulties prevented me from posting my lace adventures last night. but fear not! out of the dark cloud of computer inefficiencies comes the silver lining of a double up laces exxxtravaganza [trademark pending]!

so. today. the trusty cons get a make over. i like to think that i'm very open-minded and adventurous when it comes to colour, but in fact, this is a total lie, and i really only like black, white, and the occasional shade of grey. so mr lacy's black flatties are my holy grail of shoelaces.

in order to make up for the regrettable shoelace silence incident of last night, i've done the extra mile today, and have spent some minutes trawling through mr lacy's guide to lacing, to provide you with a fresh take on how to infiltrate your eyelets. this is the lattice. i'm still not sure i did it right, but there's a limit to the amount of time i can spend on it, with a shift at work and an errant gym visit looming. regardless, you get the idea.

again, the genius is in the details with this particular pair: specifically, the gold metal tips. they are the perfect compromise for colourphobes such as myself, serving as an ideal way to break up the monochrome without startling the inevitably skittish wearer.

stay tuned for today's second post; i'm revamping my beloved adicolours, with hilarious results! (well not really, i'd say mildly diverting at first, but sometimes i like talking like a movie trailer voice-over guy).

in the meantime, have a look at the lacing guide and send me some pics- there's a prize for best effort (a real one, i'm holding it in my hand now)!

[jessica aureli]

Friday, 22 October 2010

the flash trash pop-up

mondays, as well all know, are generally pretty average. so imagine the surprise and delight that rippled through the poxymash office when we received an invitation to the shoreditch house pop-up launch of, an online multi-brand jewellery boutique, and the brain child of model/entrepreneur/straight-up superwoman amber atherton.

amber was wearing a pair of killer jewelled leggings by
markus lupfer, and was adorned with jewellery by flash trash jewellery designer patricia nicolas. equally eye-catching were the gorgeous mini-cupcakes supplied by love bakery (poxymash can never walk past a cupcake without a bit of an undignified foray into the aforementioned - sad, but true), and pink perrier jouet (as above). the soundtrack was provided by bip ling and matthew laskey, and was the perfect accompaniment to a bit of monday night quaffing and shopping. showcases around 40 jewellery designers from around the world, with a mix that is eclectic and enticing, and often even totally affordable. poxymash were drooling over silver service, patricia nicolas, and penny masquerade's typewriter necklace, that was artfully draped over a black raver statuette. all the props were provided by the ever-delightful caravan, and added a touch of whimsy that was an inspired addition.

more pics to follow - in the meantime, go
buy some jewellery.

[jessica aureli]

Thursday, 21 October 2010

thursday laces: it was late, and i was tired.

yes, this is a cop out. i apologise. but you know, 70s revival is going to be huge next summer, so it's not totally invalid. must go to bed, day has been filled with internin' and retail-workin'. exhaustin'.

flatties purple fade laces by mr lacy.

[a very tired, truculent, somewhat emotional but ultimately compliant jessica aureli]

poxy love; dragonfly love

poxymash has a bit of an aural/visual double whammy for you this afternoon (you lucky things!). this is a video directed by thomas hilland, designed to showcase the utter fabulousness of the nokia n8's high definition camera - which it does, and then some.

equally compelling is the accompanying track, new breath, provided by dynamic french electronic duo (no, a different one) kap bambino. famed for their electronic-meets-punk-rock aesthetic, they recently destroyed the vice party at xoyo (in a good way).

check it out - you'll never look at norwegian fishermen in quite the same way again.

[jessica aureli]

charlotte's rather more cynical thought of the week: if life had a speed limit...

life’s speed limits really confuse me. it’s high time someone started a petition to have them signed more clearly, as I’m perpetually being caught out. invariably speeding. the day i’m stopped for dawdling is the day I develop a sexual attraction alistair darling’s eyebrows.

as toddling kiddywinks we’re advised to amble at a steady 10mph. all mollycoddled, cosseted and overprotected, your learner driver status prevents you from careering off in to anything too exciting- when secretly all we want to do is floor it. then invariably look back, and think, bugger, look at all the good stuff i missed. could’ve made believe i was super-nappies-mcgee everyday of my wonderful carefree life for a good 10 years. but no, i spent it pretending to put on the washing like mummy does. fool.

tweenagers speed like no other age group. just when the world wants to keep you right where you are- in some lamppost-lined street travelling at a cautious 30- you are under the impression you are the lewis hamilton of life’s fast lane- “no, no Mother, i will not remove these false eyelashes for school. they are my bieber-entrancers and i shall not be parted from them.” the inevitable crash will come along at some point, and most of us slow down again, but the awkwardness of insufficient wisdom continues to manifest itself in a headlong dash through the rest of our teenage years.

latter teens are more appropriately described as ‘off road’. observing a latter-day teen is morbidly voyeuristic. like watching someone drive without the handbook, or roadmap, or even any sense that they are in control of a vehicle. your level of general intelligence is inconsequential- in fact, levels of intelligence and levels general twatiness seem to rise in tandem throughout the latter teens- the more satre you’ve read, the more inane, generalised, uninformed axioms you are likely to spew. while habitually sipping on your double espresso and pulling hard on your menthol vogues, in the firm belief that you could pass for a thirty-something French bohemian. (You can’t.)

then come the twenties. i believe i’m not alone in saying that once the cushy student road signs disappear, and we’re left with nothing but our a-z of how life ‘should’ be done… we’d kind of like to grind to halt, please. just pull up in the lay-by and have a little snooze. but instead we’re shoved right out there on the motorway, 70mph, and bricking it. of course, to anyone who asks we’ll go glassy eyed and stare in to middle distance while telling them everything’s great. i’m young! it’s wonderful! i just love waking up in the morning, shivering in my piss-trickle of a shower, getting dressed in something I hope to god resembles professional attire, to go in to my unpaid job to make tea for people who get some kind of sadistic kick out of slave labour. not that I’m bitter, cynical and twisted or anything…

here’s hoping that in subsequent years, the mental and realistic limits start to match up- that there’s some sort of equilibrium. either that or chuck the rulebook: live fast, die young. or more optimistically: live fast, have (more) fun.

[charlotte skeoch]

Wednesday, 20 October 2010

the one step is wonderful: japanese artist hase.

one of the delights of wandering down brick lane on a sunny sunday is stumbling across art that asks you to regress. poxymash came upon the endearing works of japanese artist hase and took to the cement floor to browse through her portfolio.

stationed at the backyard market, hase’s paintings hang like little vortex’s into a world of simplicity. it’s like looking at something created by a child’s hand and a savant’s eye.

the uncluttered compositions make the pieces feel light and capacious, which sits in nice contrast to the thick, wobbling lines of the people on the page. all her pieces carry equally strong and powerful titles such as even if you cannot see it now, surely you can see it in the future or we don’t know until we try to talk about ourselves.

hase is softly spoken, with little english and as with her drawings, she chooses her words carefully and considerately. absent is the elitist oi went to ort school vibe. instead, there stands before you an artist armed with pink and yellow pens, carrying the message that basic is beautiful.

here is hase and here is what she had to say.

poxymash: tell us a little about your art?
hase: i think my drawings are not well and are not special things but they have small but strong powers of basic life. i hope people who see my pictures can notice small but important things that have been forgotten. for example i hope the hard - working viewers vision is expanded a little by my pictures . and i also hope that the person who sees my drawings feels that the artist also lives somewhere.

pm: what inspires your art?
h: basic life. common life.

pm: who is your favourite artist?
h: especially not. but i want to draw when i see matisse. i don't know about a lot about artists.

pm: what brought you to london?
h: i 'd like many people to see my drawings. so , i came to london for the challenge.

pm: what about london inspires you?
h: it might not inspire but after i came to london i could believe more in my drawing.
i can say that this poor drawing is my drawing now.

pm: could you tell us a little bit more about the artist hase?
h: sometimes I am a little strong. sometimes i am very weak.
i am full of human traits. and i am lazy...

pm: and finally, anything you hate about art?
h: i don't know about art. i just draw.

[image: the one step is wonderful]

[aine herlihy]

wednesday. wineday.

dear discerning reader: after careful research, i've concluded that one's photographic, digital design, and general motor skills are partially to severely impaired by the imbibing of wine.

with that in mind, let us turn to tonight's lace. i returned home from drinks with friends, a michelin man of layers, snoods, beanies, and bird-themed trainers, proceeded to remove several, though not all, of the aforementioned, scattered various possessions through the apartment and settled down to photograph today's entry amongst the flotsam and jetsam of my life:
mr lacy's pink with interwoven silver laces (featuring paddington round mooli, the rabbit).

skills-impaired i may be; however, these pink babies (not real babies obviously; in fact, that sounds a bit weird, maybe forget i said that) need no pyrotechnics, nor slight of hand - they're just rad. they are pink, and glittery, with an ombre effect: it's how i like my laces, and how i like my men (this is actually untrue).

one of the best things about these laces (and that is in fact a feature of all
mr lacy laces) is the logo on the tips. it's very very very tiny; in fact, it reminds me of those little grains of rice you used to be able to get at markets when you were a kid that had your name written on them. they were cool. my parents never let me get one. paddington round mooli will certainly never get one, simply because i don't wish to be the reason for which some poor rice-engraving artisan is left crippled with rsi, and rendered the laughing stock of the grain-related entertainment industry.

but i digress. here are the tips:

like the grain of rice, it is also hard to see. my flash is also not being my friend. however, you get the idea. tomorrow i will try again, hopefully with more success. tune in, it'll be worth it.

nb. while i'm on the topic, tomorrow i have the dubious pleasure of working a ludicrously late shift at my part-time job, so the entry may come from there. just a little teaser for you.

a word in the ear from ladyfest ten...

it’s taken almost a year of organising from an assortment of apparently super-human collectives and volunteers, but finally it’s all come together. ladyfest ten, the tenth birthday of the global non-profit independent arts festival, lands in london in just three weeks time.

our intentions may have been noble, but putting on a three-day festival with an iconic, internationally-known line-up on next to no money isn’t easy. but, after months of fundraising events including literary pub quizzes, le tigre karaoke, a zombie prom on halloween and alternative life drawing salons with nude rollergirls, burlesque beauties and even a certain gabby young, we’re now three weeks away and almost ready to rumble.

from friday 12th to Sunday 14th november, ladyfest ten will be taking over highbury corner and setting up shop in four nearby venues to celebrate a decade of d.i.y feminist arts and activism, from the first ever ladyfest (which took place in 2000 in olympia and featured bratmobile, sleater-kinney and the gossip), right through to today.

whilst we at ‘for books’ sake’ have been labouring over a line-up of literary luminaries, including crime noir queen cathi unsworth, bestselling novelist scarlett thomas, spoken word superstar laura dockrill and many more, the others have been beavering away just as busily on a stellar programme that includes top-notch female-fronted music, comedy, cabaret, craft, workshops, film and art.

in the lady garden, there will be crafty classes including a tatty devine jewellery clinic and pedalkraft’s customisation station, where you’ll be able to tart up your tired clobber or rummage in their charity shop finds for a new item to transform. more of a bookworm, but been credit-crunched? don’t despair, we’ve got you covered too. just bring along your old and unwanted books to swap at our travelling suitcase library. sorted.

being something of a le tigre obsessive, i’m especially psyched about seeing ‘men’ on saturday, and the ladyfest ten birthday party will be an epic night; the lovely ladies of unskinny bop are djing, and in the most fortuitous combination ever for comedy photo evidence afterwards, there will be a photobooth, temporary tattoo parlour and a moustache bar. what more could you want?

advance day tickets are a mere £12.50. get yours soon before they’re all gone, from the ladyfest ten website.

[Jane Bradley, editor ‘for books sake’ and ladyfest organiser]

charlotte's thought of the week: forgive me father... i'm about to be a blasphemous blogger.

forgive me father, for i have sinned. i have committed the (hopefully forgivable, please?) sin of impure thought. the blame, oh lord, is partly on you though to be honest. no offense or anything, i’m sure you didn’t mean to lead me astray in such an uncouth manner, but really, did you have to make jesus so hot? you picked the gene pool excellently, I’ve got to give it to you. not that I knew him personally- though i wish i had, for slightly different reasons than most of the christian population. but I have seen him depicted, oh lord, in great works of art. and that film with that guy from casualty in. who isn’t so hot anymore, regrettably, otherwise he’d have done nicely. i’m sure the real thing has aged much better, probably become what we on earth like to call a silver fox.

you see, as you probably know, being omnipotent and all, i love a bit of a beard. not a craig david beard, that’s a little too vain for me, but a good, shaggy unkempt beard. or at least some stubble. jesus is ticking all the right boxes in the beard department- bushy enough to look like he doesn’t care, but not so bushy that he’ll be picking out crunchy nut cornflakes from breakfast hours ago, during at the last supper. i’m also rather partial to a good mane of hair. not braid-it-and-hang-it-out-of-a-tower length, but long enough. just about jesus length really.

i figure he’s probably a bit of a hippy, too, your son. what with the sandals and robes and giving back to the community and such. if he was still around today (which he may well be for all I know…) he’d probably be voting green and recycling his quorn or whatever it is those hippies do these days. i’d steam him some brown rice if he came over for tea. i think he’d like that.

anyway, lord, i hope you don’t mind that i… appreciate your son’s beauty. and, well, if he’s ever around… maybe you could pass on my number. or y’know, he could just facebook me or whatever. thanks. oh, and amen.

Tuesday, 19 October 2010

here comes the sunshiny laces

day two. london is grey. well, alternatively grey and rainy/bright and sunny, but by the time i finish work, it's pouring with rain, and i'm forced to lug home my gigantic suitcase through niagara falls, battling sodden rush hour tube crowds - fighting a rising desire to retaliate against the dirty looks with "stylist! not tourist, stylist! i'm not being an inconvenience just for the sake of it!". however, i'm not sure this would garner me much more support.

anyway, i finally get home, and it's gym time. everyone's least favourite time (don't talk to me about those people that constantly babble on about endorphins, and how the gym is their oasis. they're lying). it takes me the regulation 30 minutes to find my gym gear, minus trainers, and then i spend an additional 20 minutes looking for the aforementioned shoes. without success. muffling my screams of frustration with my (thankfully fresh) gym towel, i look for a suitable alternative. finding nothing, i decide to add a little bit of vitamin d-esque joy to the mental and physical hurdle that is this evening's gym visit. so i rummage through my shoe wardrobe until i find my favourite pair of primark floral plimsolls, and spend a soothing 5 minutes lacing them with a pair of sunshine yellow mr lacy smallies.

i won't bore you with the details of my exercise exploits. but suffice to say that i think i brighten up not only my day, and that of my long suffering boyfriend and pet rabbit, but also the good people of the whitechapel sports centre. i think i can safely say that is the first time i can attest to having brought some sunshine into people's lives. better late than never!

Monday, 18 October 2010

poxymash enjoys a hotwash at the indesit laundrette party

we’re not sure exactly what went into the indesit laundrette pop up party cocktails last friday night but they were delicious, we had too many and we’d particularly love a recipe for the hotwash if anyone knows it..?

in fact, everything about the indesit laundrette party weekend was pretty delicious. taking over the gallery space next to big chill bar just off bricklane and decking it out with their fabulous laundrette theme; friday night saw classic 90s pop played out of washing machine speakers and a bar area made entirely of washing machines. on saturday and sunday they served free tea and gorgeous vanilla and chocolate cupcakes to anyone who dropped by and while we don’t remember seeing anyone getting any washing done, we do remember having a lot of fun. so thank you indesit party laundrette and please come back for another pop up party weekend soon!

[tara wheeler]

what we're excited about : erol alkan at bugged out! birthday party.

the floors are sure to be shaking with a healthy dose of electro when erol alkan plays the 16th birthday of bugged out! at the recently opened XOYO club in shoreditch this saturday 23rd.

bugged out!, of which erol alkan was a resident dj, helped propel erol into the limelight and his sublime mixes and high energy club sets have ensured he remains there. this man doesn’t stand still: having run the cutting-edge trash nightclub in london for ten years he then tried his hand at producing, working with mystery jets, late of the pier and long blondes. he has now started collaborating with electronic dj boys noize to release original music on his phantasy sound label.

the last time we witnessed a set from erol was hogmanay in edinburgh. there was dancing. lots of dancing. there were glow sticks. and some dj worshipping. the rest is a little hazy, but hey it was new years!

bugged out! regulars matt welsh and stopmakingme join erol in the main room, while ‘neo garage’ hot city play the second room, joined by tayo and raf daddy.

[callum dickson]

time to recline

i recently went on a book buying binge on amazon. this is a not infrequent tendency of mine to spend a week's food budget on books which i don't really have time to read. however, things are going to change. the temperature is steadily dropping, and to keep my spirits up in the face of such inhumanity, i want to go furniture shopping. more specifically, i want to buy the calanda leather armchair from john lewis.

this is the chair that i want to sit in, reading my lovely books, with a mug of cocoa on the coffee table, and a tartan wool rug draped artfully across my lap. with this chair, my life will be different, fulfilled, complete. i will become one of those incredibly efficient people who have enough time to sit around reading serenely, rather than running around like a lunatic, because they always remember to pay the rent on time, the do one big weekly shop, and they answer any email they receive immediately.

my chair will remain forever spotless, unblemished by pen marks, red wine stains or mug rings, and it will never suffer the indignity of disappearing beneath a pile of handbags, copies of metro, and empty tesco bags.

i will sit in it in the evening, and when my boyfriend comes home from work, i will get up to meet him at the door with a dry martini, and inform him that his dinner is warming in the oven, and is ready for him whenever he wants it - it's roast chicken and vegetables tonight, darling.

this is all obviously total bollocks. i'd still really like the chair though.

[jessica aureli]

poxymash: a week in laces

for one person, i have a fairly ridiculous number of plimsolls, trainers - basically, i have a surplus of laced-fastened foot apparel. and yet, i get sick of them with shocking regularity, and feel compelled to buy yet more pairs.

imagine my relief when the lovely lauren at coffin on cake pr told me about mr lacy shoelaces. all of a sudden, there were myriad options for gussying up my shoe collection. so, to celebrate, i'm going to be trying out a different pair everyday this week.

today, i've kept it simple: my new white supergas (bought on my recent trip to italy), and a royal blue pair of royal blue smallies. i wore them with a little white shift dress, straw hat and denim shirt, to add a little nautical twist to an otherwise grey monday.

[jessica aureli]

it's getting close to monday cocktail hour...

so to get into the spirit here's some fabulous cocktail rings from natalie dissel's rough rocks collection. these raw gemstones are set in organic gold, and are a must for every fan of finger candy.

thanks to adorn london for bringing these little gems to our attention!

[jessica aureli]

d.i.y taxidermy ii: dicing with death

for those of you who don't know, charlie gates has a fascination with old, discarded objects and with collecting... even collecting the dead. digging things out the ground, scraping road kill off of the streets of london, practising d.i.y taxidermy.

she open creatures up to reveal their internal worlds, experimenting with preservation, manipulating the decay process using techniques like salt, gloss and shake’n’vac. with what is left she creates macabre sculptures, involving other found and meticulously arranged objects, placed into bizarre surreal assemblages. creating freakish characters, a metamorphosis of their discarded lives.

d.i.y taxidermy ii: dicing with death
is her new exhibition; the private view is on november 15th.
[time: 19:00 - 22:00]

[where: 7-9 crucifix lane -
under the arches of london bridge] W

want to know more? saatchi online have
reviewed her previous exhibition, and profiled her too, and gallery on her blog is not to be missed.

invite the world!

love from

[charlie gates]

one for the boys.

balmain and fendi sent them down the runway, and as we know, nicolas and karl never get it wrong, so i'm guessing quilted jackets are going to be a wardrobe must for the boys this season.

one of my favourites would have to be this waxed number from
lavenham, a brand famed for its chic and minimalist silhouettes. wear it with anything - we've gone for balenciaga's the kill tee and acne's snake jet black jeans.

[jessica aureli]

it gets better

the it gets better project is the brainchild of u.s. journalist/gay-rights activist dan savage.

the suicide of 15-year old billy lucas was the catalyst. the indiana teenager hanged himself in september, having endured gay taunts from high school bullies for some time.

angered by this senseless waste of life, savage has established a youtube channel. lesbian and gay adults are encouraged to post inspirational video messages aimed at struggling teens. messages assuring them that life ‘will get better’.

‘nine out of 10 gay teenagers experience bullying and harassment at school and gay teens are four times more likely to attempt suicide’, says dan. i wish i could have told billy that life gets better. but gay adults aren’t allowed to talk to these kids. schools and churches won’t bring us in’.

dan and his partner terry were both bullied at school for being gay. their video was the first to be posted.

‘we have the ability to talk directly to them now. we can reach these kids’.

so far the project has been a massive success. 'thousands of submissions and millions of views’ according to the huffington post. celebrity support has come from the likes of sarah silverman and anne hathaway.

it’s also taken on an extra poignancy in the wake of tyler clementi’s death. the 18-year old threw himself off the george washington bridge late last month, victim of an alleged act of cyber-voyeurism.

dan savage is editorial director of seattle newspaper the stranger and writer of notorious advice column savage love.

[tom jenkins]

Saturday, 16 October 2010

london bicycle film festival (13- 17 October)

currently the barbican is hosting the london bicycle film festival, now in its 10th year, which celebrates the humble two-wheeled machine through film. it was created by brendt barbur, after he was hit by a bus while cycling in new york city. having opened with a performance from electro-pop group metronomy, the festival screens a number of insightful and entertaining feature length and short films, delivering stories of epic rides and bicycle messengers.

if you haven’t got your cycling fix then the joyride art exhibit, an art show inspired by bikes, runs for the duration of the festival. and finally, on the closing night the seriously chic cycling cafe, look mum no hands! hosts rollapaluza roller racing. this involves two cyclists going head to head on a roller, which is connected to a huge dial, over a distance of 500m.

[callum dickson]

Friday, 15 October 2010

the dialo dress

this leather bustier dress from antik batik just sent a little s&m shiver down my spine. there's no better way to celebrate friday than by pouring yourself into this hourglass creation.

get it [here].

[jessica aureli]

fannie schiavoni

one of the most memorable delights of lfw, feast your eyes on the accessory-bliss that is fannie schiavoni. the swedish born designer (poxymash is crushing on all things scandinavian at the moment, apparently) is a lcf alumni who went on to intern for hussein chalayan, giles deacon and julien macdonald, before setting up her own london-based studio.

with an obsession for all things resilient, her collections focus on hard-wearing materials, muted colours, and purity of line.

stockists include browns focus, feathers knightsbridge, and 127; see her collections [here].

[jessica aureli]

poxymash loves darcel

check out the ennui [here].

all the cool kids have acne

yet more shoe love. this time it's acne that has stolen my heart. with a store recently opening in london, this scandinavian brand is going from strength to strength. its meteoric rise originated from comparatively humble beginnings, namely a collection of 100 pairs of jeans in 1997 that was distributed to friends and family of designer jonny johnasson.

the brand's strength lies in its fabulous basics that are imbued with effortless cool (who doesn't need a bit of that?). and of course, the wedges above. i love the way the wedge plays on positive and negative space, turning the stiletto on its head (although, i could be over-thinking this).

seek out the divine at 13 dover st, w1s 4ln, or [here]

[jessica aureli]

a slip through the safety net

the clouds of government cut land are looming over and the rains about to pour. threats have already been pre-dished of up to 30% towards the department of culture, meaning tough times for those canvas splashers. however, historically, that out of despair and destitute comes the product of creative activity. the impoverished writer, the stagnant artist and the frustrated musician all will supposedly lead us through hard times with what has been described as a ‘blitzkrieg’ of culture.

i’m not saying that we will witness a picasso's guernica redux, another dylan releasing bringing it all back home in '65 or orwell romanticising the doom and gloom of societies fate in 1984. nevertheless, the one positive aspect that will come from these rather large snips will be a cultural influx that forces you to unleash your inner artist, get a smoking habit and move to a squat in the east quarter of some city.

on the other hand, the consequences of these cuts will have a direct affect on the gallery goer. many facing the cuts will have to increase admissions, limit exhibits and even take down the frames for us to see altogether. furthermore if your thinking that saving the arts is the only struggle, think about the festivals, theatres, music venues and heritage sites that could well weakened by the strike of the government backhand. so far as to speak, some non-governmental organisations have already began the cutback. for instance the uk film council and the mla are set to withdraw themselves, furthermore projects such as the stonehenge visitors centre and rebuilding of the british film institute have had their cash injections cancelled. this leaves similar institutions and organisations in the culture bracket with a worrying concern for the worst.

over the past 15 years, it has become clear that culture is one of the few areas in which britain excels over others and coincidently makes a large contribution to the exchequer. it has even been acknowledged by george osborne that the creative industries in the uk are as big as the financial sector, however, it fails to cripple the state unlike the latter. of course, the current state that the economy is in and the fact that every realm of society is facing some sort of squeeze, it wouldn’t hurt for a justified and calculated tighten up thus allowing a steady and still prominent arts community. it is therefore, the alarms being raised due to the uncertainty of how hard hitting the axe will fall.

despite the bleak outlook and the hope for the next genius to arise from this, at this moment in time, we are living in a cultural metropolis that is thriving with creativity. if these cuts are handled recklessly, it could drastically damage the shape uk culture. therefore, in the months coming we will see where the rain pours heaviest, whether it’s all the treachery predicted or if there is a glimmer of hope to ‘save the arts’…or we see a blitzkrieg of creativity and the outcome is a messiah of the turtle neck world.

personally, i hope that the hit is a softly received blow and as much can be salvaged as possible. below are some organisations to make this a reality.

[the arts funding network]

[save the arts]

[i value the arts]


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