Monday, 30 August 2010

alchemia mysteria

there's nothing like a really good website to add a moment of calm and introspection to an otherwise uneventful bank holiday monday. i think truly fabulous websites are relatively few and far between, and the littlest mistakes can have people navigating away faster than really really faster-than-the-speed-of-light (and yes, that's the technical term) broadband. for example, normally i'm not really one for sites with music; i find it a bit presumptuous to be told what music i should be listening to. plus, the music people choose is generally across the board rubbish, so obviously there's that less-than-pleasing aspect to it too. anyway, this is not the case for label NON's website. it is no-holds-barred divine. it's difficult to explain without sounding overly melancholic; but whoever said there was anything wrong with melancholy? the music is hauntingly ethereal, and reflects the mood of the collections to perfection; looking like stills from some long-forgotten black and white film, the images from the golden dawn collection are achingly poignant, to the point where i was almost moved to tears by a picture of a pair of shoes (which sounds ridiculous, and granted is a bit of an exaggeration, but what's a bit of hyperbole between friends?).

there's not much more to say; it's better when you see it yourself. go. look. cry over accessories.

[jessica aureli]

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