Saturday, 2 April 2011

“our next single is 'beer in my eye’ ” crystal stilts

brad hargett, the lead singer of crystal stilts, alienates the crowd with antagonistic eyes and is uncomfortable performing alongside french girls in floral dresses (who subsequently steal his can of san miguel and return it to him via his eye!).this much we  have discerned from their gig in cargo. but what else would you expect from these brooklyn purveyors of haunting, atmospheric post-punk pop. distant, melancholy and moody, crystal stilts’ new album ‘in love with oblivion’ might just be the perfect soundtrack to those long heady nights that belong to summer, but somehow get hijacked by winter!  
we have it on repeat. repeat i say, repeat. but don’t take our word for it….

the album will be released in the uk on 11 april 2011.
[aine herlihy]

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