Saturday, 3 December 2011

what inspires the inspirational: eva baker.

today sees the launch of a new and exciting community arts space at 44 marlborough avenue hackney, with  a day of performances, interactive sessions and general good vibes to be enjoyed by all. we caught up with the events spirited organiser, eva, (whose tireless efforts to promote the arts always keeps us hopeful) to find out what inspires the inspirational. 

listening to: explosions in the sky for atmospheric wintry bus rides, billie holiday to warm up a cold evening, and basement djs 'the heatwave' podcast for house party shake downs.

reading: john snow's autobiography - he's a bit of a hero and it's a great account of what it's like to be an investigative journalist, which is my dream.

watching: the power of nightmares, a 3 part documentary by adam curtis about the rise of the politics of fear in relation to neo liberalism and radical Islam. a truly illuminating watch. 

eating: borek, the spinach and cheese pastries that my amazing local corner shop sells. they're massively addictive!

loving: the amount of suggestions, insights and warmth i've got from the residents of the hosing estate where we've just set up a community centre. i feel really grateful for having a job which allows me to interact with some inspiring people in a meaningful way, and that doesn't involve sitting behind a computer.

loathing: the media's relentlessly negative portrayal of young people and their position in society. if you keep telling them they're the 'lost generation' they'll start to believe it... put some solutions out there instead of telling people how hopeless  they are.

tired of: the police popping up at every demo in vast numbers, no matter how peaceful, and using unnecessary force.

bored of: everyone  in the public eye talking about how shit everything is (politicians, journalists, media).

scared of: prejudiced, narrow minded, greedy people... especially the ones in parliament and heading up other powerful institutions.

dreaming of: far away places... continually.

to find out more about the event visit:

[aine herlihy]

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