Tuesday, 25 September 2012

a word exchange with stealing sheep.

stealing sheep are a three piece liverpudlian outfit who boast a curious pagan-y, folky feel. their enchanting medieval drones, bells and harmonies, conjure up images of roald dahl’s three witches dancing around a cauldron, chanting and transfixing. while not exactly synonymous with demons in human form threatening to kill foul children, their slightly haunting, sinister sound may just do for harmonies what david lynch did for eye patches everywhere. we caught up with liv and said “please give us the low down on your life, before you make a frothy broth out of us?” she obliged…

listening to: eden ahbez (eden's isle)

reading: day of the triffids

watching: twin peaks

eating: beans on toast

loving: batman (our cat)

loathing:...it's all about the loving

inspired by: fantastic planet

bored of: not getting ideas made

fearful of:  sharks

dreaming of:  sharks

your personal mantra: happiness is the way to happiness

this much i know: at the end of the day it gets dark

[aine herlihy]

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