Thursday, 25 October 2012

wigwambam: thank you ma'am

there's no point in pretending anymore: summer's over. i mean, seriously, autumn is basically over. it's time to get out heads down and prepare for the long, painful, torturous winter (well, i'll be spending three weeks of it in sydney, but still: you know what i mean).

so what is going to get us through the aforementioned long, painful, torturous winter? The ever-delightful queen of hoxton's wigwambam, that's what. a charming combination of school camp, girl guides and that wigwam that i stayed in when i was at that hostel in byron bay that time, poxymash spent most of the latter half of last year lurking in its dark corners (well, obviously no corners in a wigwam, but the sort of curved edgy bits, if you get my drift), lamenting the distinct lack of sun, but mollified by the presence of hot drinks, a fire pit and - of course - fairy lights. and guess what? i feel that this winter will be no different.

it opens to the public on friday 26th october (which is my friend mim's birthday, fyi) and runs allllllll the way to the end of march. so rug up and hightail it to the queen of hoxton to get your camp on (wait, that came out wrong...).

Friday 26th October 2012 - end of March 2013
5pm - 10pm (Tuesdays - Saturdays)


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