Monday, 17 January 2011

secret wars at village underground...popping pens not pistols.

last saturday saw the secret wars euroleague grand final at shoreditch warehouse the village underground. billed as the fight club of the art world, secret wars involves two teams going head-to-head to create the best marker pen street art within the 90 minute time limit.

the grand final saw a battle between the amsterdam and birmingham teams. amsterdam donned kitchen attire and cooked up a treat: they created a ‘burningham’ piece, creating an image of a pig roasting factory and skilfully disrespecting the brummies in the process. birmingham, clad in balaclavas, created a piece with a more urban feel than their dutch counterparts, concentrating more on bigging up the uk than dissing the netherlands.
once the time limit was up compére, reeps one, filled the judging time with some high quality beatboxing, with the final vote going to the audience. amsterdam deservedly won with their more coherent piece and will now jet off to compete in new york.
 [callum dickson]

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