Sunday, 23 January 2011

still corners interview.

with the guardian declaring them ‘stand outs in a new golden age of indie’, naturally, we had to have a nose. this london based band, who derived their name from a robert frost poem, make dreamy ethereal tunes. their sound could be loosely described as … catherine longingly searching for heathcliff through moor land mists, or, inchoate lovers trembling for togetherness on the whitest, brightest morning of the year. either way, we liked them. a lot. so, on an entirely unrelated note, we wondered, how does the geography of place inform their sound….

pm: where did you grow up and how has it influenced your sound?
st: we grew up in various places. austin, sussex, brisbane, grimsby, nz. we all came together in london though and i think that maybe influences our sound a bit more than where we came from. england can be quite dark at times and i think this has seeped into the sounds and songs.

pm: if your music could be compared to a geographical location…?
st: the english countryside. windy small roads, canopies of trees, dark hollows, old churches, wicker man like villages, the low slung sun, orange autumn trees...

pm: where has been your favourite/worst place to tour and why?
st: at the moment we're touring all over britain which we really like. lots of london shows, wales, manchester, etc. this is great because we see a lot of our friends but it's great to venture out too because you meet new people. we recently played berlin in a castle at the let's kiss and make up festival. we met some really lovely people. we haven't really had a "worst" place yet, although i'm sure they're out there.

pm: where are you currently based and why does that place appeal to you?
st: currently in greenwich and stoke newington. greenwich has a big
beautiful park with lots of green and is close to the river. stoke
newington is close to shows, more of a music scene and also has amazing places to eat.

pm: any haunts in your area you would recommend?
st: royal teas in greenwich is a fantastic little breakfast nook as is the blue legume in stokey. the markets in both areas are great too. the drop in stoke newington hosts one of our favourite nights called "cosmic slop" featuring the best djs in the world! go to it and dance and thank us later.

pm: and finally, where do you travel to in your dreams?
st: deep, deep into the deepest parts of the pacific ocean. we're definitely at home there. lots of weird and wonderful creatures. we occasionally bump into david attenbourough having tea with various sea horses, he's a great chap to have a drink with, never stops talking. we all get up to various activities throughout the night, swimming with the turtles, dodging jellyfish, making music with dolphins. but in the end we slowly return to the surface and go back to the studio and begin again.

[aine herlihy]

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