Thursday, 27 October 2011

the unseen fashion scene

when most people think fashion week, chances are the words london, paris, new york and milan are the first to spring to mind. but have you ever considered that there might be fashion weeks going on almost every day, in every part of the world that most of us mainstream western world fashion followers don't even know exist?

this is what vice's charlet duboc has set out to uncover in fashion week internationale, a series of documentary films airing on the films are an absolute joy to watch, perfectly balancing investigative journalism with entertainment value and humour.

throughout the series duboc travels to some of the most unlikely fashion destinations possible, from pakistan to colombia, and unearths some even stranger characters along the way. this week's installment comes in the form of full figured fashion week in new york city. Check it out from today: watch with awe as duboc uncovers a nyc fashion week where members definitely have their cake and eat it too.

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