Tuesday, 11 October 2011

it's tuesday: get into outerwear!

it's getting cold. don't bother denying it, you're only fooling yourself. plus, with every passing day, the inevitable turning-back-of-the-clocks draws ever closer (making the halloween weekend terrifying for a whole other reason).

still, this is nice, isn't it? neutral palette, mid-90s-inspired minimalist silhouette, contrast leather accents - it's winter perfection. if we wanted to make this sound like magazine copy, we'd say it ticks all the AW11 boxes. but we don't, so we won't.

wear it with cigarette trousers, sheer maxi skirts, your favourite all-white ensembles, 40s tea dresses, brogues, slippers, bowler hats, turbans, cinch it in with an obi-style belt - anyway, you get the idea. it's v-v-v-v-versatile.

nice one, topshop.

buy it here.

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