Saturday, 1 October 2011

remember those books by graeme base?

well, this photographer's work reminds us of that, in the most charming way. 

mikel uribetxeberria has a name that is delightfully unpronounceable to a simple sydney mind such as mine (apparently 'tx' is 'ch'), and hails from azkoitia, in northern spain's basque country (look how much we're learning today! and it's the weekend, too). 

he has exhibited in paris, mexico, berlin and madrid, in addition to having won a slew of awards. yes, that's right, a slew.

my favourite is his animalia collection; obviously in part because of the whole graeme base aspect, which reminds me of the eleventh hour, and how my world was turned upside down when the culprit turned out to be that bastard mouse with the pretentious name that escapes me for the minute. however, more prosaically, i can't go past the displaced 'wrong place at the wrong time' feeling of it. it makes me feel that at least it's not just me.



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