Monday, 3 October 2011

late night shopping

what's that you say? combine my love of fashion with my love of scotch?? impossible, my friends! such a feat is surely unachievable for a humble being such as myself.

but no - fortuitously, it would appear i am mistaken: enter maison scotch. we all know how much everyone needs polka dots in their wardrobe this winter: stella decreed it, and thus it shall be. but for those who don't really require the asymmetrical cocktail dress with polka dot mesh yoke (i know there's at least a couple of us), and whose needs are more along the lines of the practical yet ever-alluring mac-type garment, this charming raincoat (£122.00) will have you seeing spots. and with a water resistant finish, those wayward splashes of johnnie walker will just wipe away, no worries.

so why wait? sign on the dotted line: buy it here.


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