Wednesday, 3 November 2010

girl fawkes

sisters ours is truly an equal age: i give you girl fawkes night. that's right. stand aside guy, you have dominated the 5th of november for too long now with your awful misogyny. it is time for girl fawkes. girl fawkes. oh yeah. 

yes alright, we know his name actually was guy, well guido post 1603, when he changed it but we think this event might just be excellent, it's also free and guys you are of course welcome to join in too.  

this friday ladyfest ten will be celebrating ten years of the diy arts and activism movement as part of poetry international week. their girl fawkes evening starts at 17.30, southbank and promises 'an explosive mix of live music, poetry, storytelling and craftivism.' there will be 'passionately ramshackle' music from lulu and the lampshades and 'haunting vocals' from experimental folk artist you are wolf.' there will also be special guest performance poets, vanessa woolf on female folklore and a space to create paper doves for peace with the craftivist collective.

visit the website here.

[tara wheeler]

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