Tuesday, 9 November 2010

long live the king robot

all hail that rare serendipitous new live music moment when you accidentally catch a gig and don't leave thinking of ways to deafen yourself. when you don't stand in front of the stage willing the amps to blow, desperate to hear those sweet words 'this is our last one', ready to attack any fellow 'reveler' who shouts 'encore', when the band finally fucks off stage.

well it happened, tonight the rare serendipitous new live music moment (or rsnlmm for short? no? ok) happened to poxymash. we were ambling towards the end of a magazine meeting outside cafe 1001 when this nice man suggested we might like to pop inside, get warm and listen to some new bands for musicborn's night. turned out it was free so in we went, fully expecting to enjoy the warmth more than the music but then the rsnlmm happened (still no?) and we weren't bored at all, we were tapping along, we were concentrating, we were enjoying the music. we had discovered a new band that we quite liked.

they are king robot. obvious influences include interpol, sonic youth, cold war kids, talking heads, joy division with a bit of queens of the stone age in there somewhere too, we thought. but go here and decide for yourself, listen to townie and the rest or better still, catch them live. we've got a feeling king robot might do alright next year.

[tara wheeler]

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