Monday, 8 November 2010

hello history, i want my say as a turtle trader.

if the financial world is as much an enigma to you as cheryl cole’s ludicrous ‘soz, I had malaria for a month ’ excuse, then read on….here’s your chance to get up close and professional with the trade.

in 1983, richard dennis, a lucrative commodities trader in the usa, devised a social experiment unlike any other before. dennis and his trading partner william eckhardt found themselves rather puzzled as to what made a good trader. eckhardt staunchly maintained that one is born a trader while dennis supposed that just about anyone could be trained to become a successful trader, if given a set of rules and taught to follow a system of trading. and so, a fascinating social experiment testing the enormous mystery of nature v’s nurture was to ensue.

dennis assembled a cohort of 23 hopeful ‘turtle traders’ from all walks of life; a security guard, an actor, a blackjack player and set about training them. using dennis’s money to trade, the apprentices went on to make immense returns and many of the participants went on to have prosperous careers managing hedge funds . one participant in particular, who was just 19 years old, earned $31 million in profit. how depressing is that!? our previous 19 year selves led luxury lives on 4.99 naggins of vodka from tesco. thus leaving him a lot of spare change presumably…

but, cue exciting drum roll, mike baghdady and training traders are feeling philanthropic enough to repeat history! they are offering 10 people the opportunity to become trading apprentices and learn the trade as professionals.

so, if like us your only understanding of trading is trying to painfully haggle down a topshop knock off to a tenner at the petticoat lane market , then this is perhaps your only chance at ever encountering a hedge fund and being able to afford presents in time for christmas!

why not join the poxymash team in sending your outrageously manipulated and excessively embellished cv to : before november 15th.


[aine herlihy]

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