Tuesday, 16 November 2010

papergirl london – why have you not hit our door yet?

if the most we can look forward to receiving on the lean mean streets of london is a free copy of the ‘eve-nin stan-da’, and a thump in the kidneys, then we really need to sate our artistic appetite with a papergirl round.

papergirl, is a street art project created in 2006 by aisha ronniger in berlin. the idea came about as a reaction to media discussions regarding the tightening of graffiti laws to include paste ups.  as like any ordinary exhibition, the artist’s come together and exhibit their work in a gallery, but after this time, in the style of the american paper boy, they roll up their work and take to the streets like two wheeled art chariots and bestow their labours of love unto unassuming passer-by’s.  

while the project has taken off elsewhere, it still hasn’t hit london and as we have astutely observed, for every bewildered artist in shoreditch there is an equally bewildered bike, strewn on the ground. now, we think it’s about time we had ourselves some non-toxic crayola kicks and drew super svelte stick men and sun donning ray bands, like the good ‘ol days.  remember, the kindness of strangers is only a papergirl project away. let’s get on it.

[image: b-sidebywale.com]

[aine herlihy]

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