Tuesday, 23 November 2010

peyote potpourri

well, it's tuesday. you've gotten through the hard slog of monday, with its inevitable dregs of hangover and back at work ennui. so what to do now? rather than sit at home and wallow in the boredom that is incurred from friday's dowdy older sister, eating pringles and watching the weather channel with a growing sense of  listlessness and jean paul satre-style existential gloom, head instead to the queen of hoxton for peyote potpourri, a multi-disciplinary, open-submission exhibition, live music and performance event and party. seriously, do you have anything on tonight that sounds better than that? it's worth going for the sheer value of begin able to tell people that you did something cultural.  

peyote potpourri features the 14th exhibition in the ishihara series which will see the unveiling of new wall murals throughout the queen of hoxton from both ishihara favorites and newcomers. The venues new decor will be accompanied on the opening night with one of ishihara's usual temporal, fleeting exhibitions, which in turn will be complimented by live music & performance.

plus it's 2for1 tigers, which is certainly not to be sniffed at. see you there kids.

[6pm -12am / £3 entry]

artists: Jake Ambridge | Adam Batchelor | Samuel Bell | Biology Project | Roy Brown | David Callow | Greg Eason | Tom Hakney | Jody Hamblin | Una Hamilton Helle | Jess Hill | Jason Kerley | Landfilll editions | Charlie Gates | Adam Lewis-Jacob | Sarah Langford | Fergus McDonald | Tom Mitchell | Joel Muggleton | Panther Club | Paper Cinema | Phyship | Neil Raitt | Chilli Skinner | Marcello Velho | VJ Yourself | Utrophia | Catherine Watson & more 

+ music from: Blackpepper, Littleboat, Yaaaaaaaard, Young Athletes League

[jessica aureli]

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