Wednesday, 29 September 2010

60 seconds with band of the week: airship

following tours with editors and biffy clyro, four piece manchester band, airship, seem destined for lift off. at just twenty years of age, their soaring rifts and galvanizing, charged choruses are more invigorating than a red bull on the rocks. we recommend you head to your local disco outlet and dance like you did, when you were sixteen, and defied all decorum. we caught up with lead singer, eliott williams, and with the brevity of a long breath, asked him the most poignant and philosophical questions we could think of.

poxymash: what inspired the name, nasa or the navy?
eliott: neither. it came from a childrens pop up dictionary.

p: anything you wish you could sing about, but can't, because it would be frowned upon!?
e: i don't think i wouldn't sing about certain subjects because it might be frowned upon. it defies the point of lyric writing. if you feel you have something to say on a subject, then say it.

p: what song do you wish you had written?
e: i am the walrus by the beatles. it's so experimental sonically and lyrically witty. it's perfect in every way.

p: what makes airship, airborne?
e: mundane existence and the condition of the human mind. we make music as a form of escapism.

p: when the people ask, what shall you say your sound is?
e: introverted/extroverted pop music.

p: and lastly, what should the poxymash people do?
e: enjoy your life. do what you want.


[photo credit: airship]

[aine herlihy]

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