Tuesday, 7 September 2010

cake-based procrastination

here at poxymash, we are wholehearted fans of cake, and all cake-related activities. we are also considerable fans of birthdays (although this enthusiasm does dwindle as the years go by).

so imagine this scorpio's excitement when i came across the magnificence that is megan's halloween-themed skull cake on her 'not martha' blog! i was always convinced that, as an australian, being born on the 31st of october had no real significance, or benefit; happily i've finally been proved wrong.

so for those incredibly organised people out there who are already pondering what to get my for my upcoming birthday, here's the link:


the one on the site is pumpkin, which i don't have a problem with at all; alternatively, you could try a combination of any of the following: chocolate, lemon, dark chocolate, campari, ginger or prosecco. i'm not really fussy.

thank you in advance,

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