Tuesday, 28 September 2010

dislike it.

facebook is really becoming a source of mystification to me. constant layout changes, directives to reach out to people i have no impetus to contact and updates on the number of new friends i and my friends have made (2 and 5639 respectively) notwithstanding, this once benign social networking site has become a vessel for the flotsam, jetsam and general detritus of society, the resident evil brain-eating zombie to our michelle rodriguez, the achilles' heel of online communities; put simply, it is a domain for stupid people.

ok. hyperbole aside, i use facebook. it's useful. i use it in the implementation of poxymash world domination (coming soon to a newsstand near you), and to keep in touch with my friends (484 at current count; subject to decrease due to aforementioned megalomaniac constant-updating tendencies). but i hate - i really hate - that 'like it' page that seems inexorably linked to facebook via people's allegiances to various inconsequential rhetorical statements.

let's have a little look at some examples of the things people say they are fans of, shall we?

[stop being so sexy, your distracting me!]

[phone rings, picks up "hello" other peson "wats up" me "the sky get a life"]

[text me after whatever your doing ok? (sure) 3 hours later. whats up (nm, sitting) i taught you were gonna text me after your done with everything? (i did? i said that? :o) nice................i hate people like that :|]

why? honestly, why? why can people not punctuate correctly? why do they have to pepper their writing with emoticons? why can't they spell? and most importantly, why do they feel the need to spread their stupidity to others? i don't want to know that you like kissing someone when you've been waiting to kiss them for ages. i am wholly separate from your interest in pulling the wings off flies and sticking them on the sides of public transport vehicles. i don't think 'walls' necessitates a reference on a website dedicated to things that people like (oh, the irony).

i mean, i like walls as much as the next person, they're ideal for poster-hanging afficionados, and there's nothing like them for the prevention of what i like to call roof-drop (self-explanatory), but are people really getting to the stage where they're sitting in front of their computer, mouth slightly open, picking bits of ceiling out of their hair, thinking to themselves 'whatzz someting else dat i liike? oh yeh i no!!!! walls! zomg :) ~~'.

of course, one could argue that i'm no better, spending minutes at a time writing a caustic diatribe about people simply because they like things that i think are stupid, and are prone to lapses of slovenly expression. but i don't care; it makes me feel better. i like this.

[jessica aureli]

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