Thursday, 30 September 2010

the unbearable lightness of booting

today i went out for lunch (yes, i'm still on holiday; luxuries such as leisurely lunches in sun-drenched squares are unheard of when at home in london), and i wore a long white peasant skirt, navy and white striped top, and gold sandals. it was a bit nautical, a bit 'je vais en vacances a nice cet été'; that is, it was lovely and not at all london.

that's all well and good when one is tripping around the tuscan countryside, but what is one to wear when one returns to battling the crowds in brick lane and beyond? well, i have the answer.

it's these:
they're fabulous, they'll go with anything, and as well all know, the wedge boot is the dark horse of the comfortable footwear stakes. and possibly the best thing of all, they'll only cost you 20 quid at primark. is that not the most fabulous thing you've heard today? the first delivery sold out in one day (one day!) so you better hot foot it over to marble arch as soon as you can to get your hands on a pair of these beauties.


[jessica aureli]

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  1. as nice as these are i am totally against Primark !!!!!