Friday, 10 September 2010

it's ss11 new york fashion week!

(...cue all the excitement that it obviously entails). it's not as glamorous looking at the collections remotely via my trusty imac, but, on the upside, i'm sitting here in a charming maxi-dress-headscarf-bare-feet emsemble that, realistically, wouldn't cut it runway-side.

i'm currently wading through the first few collections, but i couldn't wait to post this little gem from project runway winner christian siriano:

well... yes. i mean, what is there to say? i like it for its understated qualities, oblique nod towards coy innocence, complete lack of brashness and for not at all having an air of the unsublimely ridiculous. obviously. i'm going to wear mine to tesco, and jam up the ready-meal aisles, causing undue stress to all the lonely bankers. ha!

...although, where am i going to put my wallet?


[jessica aureli]

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