Thursday, 16 September 2010

band of the week.

with their breathless electro pop formations and their charming cover of passion pits ‘sleepy head’, manchester trio , run toto run, have done the insuperable and become poxymash’s band of the week! having just released their debut album ‘youth shouldn't be that way’ run toto run are tipped for the upper echelons of the music biz with their sweet and sleepy mix of samplers and keyboards, all lovingly licked by racheals elusive singing. poxymash caught up with rachael and mike and this is what they had to say.

pm: what has been your most surreal moment yet?

rachael: i was browsing in topshop and our track starting playing on the instore radio and someone was singing along with it. that was weird. but awesome.

mike: sitting on a studio floor at 5am filming the last video, having worn make-up for 13 hours and being awake for nearly 24 hours

pm: a perfect day for the band, what would that entail?

rachael: we love touring. I think we'd love to have a stint of waking up in a different country everyday, having a look round and then heading off to the venue. thus far everything we've done has been in the UK.

pm: how do your fans express their love for you?

mike: a young guy in southampton drew rachael some fan-art which looked like a mammoth scrotum.

rachael: we have a couple of older alcoholic male fans. one came to a gig in manchester, spilt half his tea down his front, got shamefully wasted and danced like a loon at the front, creating a massive gap at the front as everyone took five steps back. he then mouthed through the whole thing at me that he loved me. the feeling wasn't mutual.

pm: what has been your greatest challenge as a band?

mike: breaking away from our initial folk incarnation.

rachael: yeah I'm with mike. finding a sound that was our own when matt joined and taking it in a new direction. it started to be music that we'd want to listen to ourselves and the really hard part was putting in the months and months of work it took to get it right.

pm: your sound is…

mike: Sexy and mysterious

rachael: warmer and a little more human.

[the rundown]
who: run toto run

when: 21 september 20:00 - 23:30

where: favela chic (free in before 9pm-£3 after)

91-93 great eastern st, old street

Londo EC2A 3HZ


[aine herlihy]

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