Monday, 27 September 2010

...and all that jazz.

i'm in tuscany on holidays at the moment, and after a fairly good run weather-wise, today has been plagued by rain. not one to look on the gloomy side of life (a holiday is a holiday after all), i got up late and decamped straight to the couch (after a hearty breakfast of leftover pizza - it is italy, after all), settling down to watch chicago, for no real reason other than it was the only thing available.

i'd forgotten what a diverting movie is was, if for nothing more than the divine twenties fashion. during one scene, catherine zeta-jones sports a fabulous fur-trimmed side-fastened coat with a chocolate slip and long beaded necklace. i'm not sure about the rest of the ensemble, satin slips being the unflattering things they are, but i think i could be all about the fur-trimmed coat this winter, and this one from primark just landed in my inbox. it's a total steal at £49 - and it's cashmere (go-to fabric for girls who are partial to swathing themselves in feather-light and gorgeously warm knits).

i'm even considering buying some dark brown leather buttons and creating a kind of asymmetrical draped side fastening, as an homage to la zeta. provided it's not too cold to get to the button queen in marylebone that is - winter is such a deal breaker.

[jessica aureli]

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