Saturday, 26 November 2011

the daily poxy soundsystem: bos angeles- beach slalom.

who are they: bos angeles
sounds like: driving in the middle of the road at midnight, staring down headlights in a downpour,  a cigarette slipping from your lips and a crotch full of ash.  the windscreen, the road, everything a stupid blur. death to  pathetic fallacy- our life is such dumb poetry!
why we love them : their lassitude speaks to our broken bodies. we survived the working week - we are the walking wounded, you could steal our kidneys and we would just smile back benignly.
most likely to say: very little. but 93% of communication is non-verbal, so maybe actually a lot, but probably not.   
not out of place on: an episode of the o.c.  when mischa barton was having one of her ‘moments’.
something to ponder: why’s your mouth not moving mister? is that ventriloquism or have you cut ketamine with your valium again?
[aine herlihy]

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