Wednesday, 9 November 2011

a date for your diary: craft music speed listening.

on friday november 18th,  the note well and the create place are hosting  ‘craft music speed listening’- a madcap original event for making new friends via rotations of one-to-one djing. now, what’s not to love about that!?
the note well is an international music friendship project that runs unique social events in the spirit of sharing music and making friends. on the night, the note well are hosting the ever-popular speed listening. the idea is that you make new friends while swapping new tunes. here’s how it goes:  you sit opposite a stranger and plug your earphones into their music device.  then, you listen to  your new friend's music choices for a few minutes, while simultaneously playing them some music of your own choice.  after about ten minutes, you rotate and play private dj (but preferably not private dancer!) for another person. 
chances are, you may even have encountered the note well ladies already. they are renowned for their  fiendish feeding ways, popping up throughout london  handing out chocolate guinness cake- goodness, gracious, great gastric juices! the create place is a social enterprise that runs an active workshop space in bethnal green. they specialise in delivering arts and crafts workshops for the local community. they are good folk.
the event runs from 7pm until 10pm in the create place on old ford road. tickets for the event are £15 and include a cocktail, a craft pack, copious homemade cake, and the authentic speed listening experience. limited to just 18 places, it promises to be intimate and relational, so let’s get relating. at the very least the organisers  promise that you will leave with a badge pinned to your lapel, a song in your cerebrum and the feverish excitment that accompanies a nascent friendship!
all proceeds go toward supporting not-for-profits the note well and the create place.

visit these bad boys for further details:
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