Monday, 28 November 2011

look at this rad thing we found #5

in early autumn we began laminating leaves; our tragic attempt to preserve the unpreservable, sic transit gloria mundi and all that lark. but more superficially, we really just liked the hot firmness of it in our hands! but our love of all things leafy took a whole new twist when we stumbled upon christina sanders blog, where she shows you step by step, how to make roses out of leaves. amazing.

but more than rose leaves, we love boyfriends who go to the bother of making them for us. gaww, now ain't that sweet!

For a step by step instruction, visit christina's blog at

[images: christina sanders]

[aine herlihy]

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  1. YAY! Christina is a dreamboat. Leaves are great.
    x Fiona