Thursday, 24 November 2011

the daily poxy soundsystem: weezer - only in dreams

who are they: weezer

sounds like
: you're 14 again (provided you were born in the same year as i was). or, more prosaically, everyone's favourite quirky alt-rockers take on the epic last tune, and pass with flying colours.

why we love them: i loved weezer because my year 9 boyfriend loved weezer. his favourite song was my name is jonas. he also introduced me to the wrist-slittingly divine jeff buckley. so, all in all, not a bad kid (hi jono if you're reading this).

most likely to say: our lead singer shares his name with a body of water and new york state governor.

not out of place on a: stereo at 3am: the streamers are wilting, and a lone dancer sways out of time, lighter in the air.

something to ponder: did the bassist get incredibly irritable, playing the same riff for 8 minutes non-stop?

[gussy aureli]

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