Friday, 25 November 2011

something to do this weekend: manicures, cocktails and clothes, oh my!

she goes to guess! ok, so it's the weekend, and it's bloody cold. we know you want to be sitting in bed watching rubbish tv on 4od (shhhh, don't worry 4od, i still love you; it just has to be a secret love).

but might i suggest that in amongst all this tv watching, you trip your pretty self down to guess (162-168 regent street).

why? they're holding a weekend-long event to celebrate the launch of their holiday party and christmas collections, and there are a veritable bevy of treats on offer, including chocolate, manicures, cosmopolitans, hairdressers and stylists on tap. and, best of all, guess are offering 30% off all purchases (no doubt conditions apply, but i don't think they're the sign-your-life-away conditions; just regular conditions).

it runs from 10 til 5 saturday and sunday. personally, i've got my eyes on a pair of fab boots: my head is telling me to exercise restraint, but i fear that my cosmo-addled heart may lure me over to the dark side.

still, at least my nails will look fabulous.

[gussy aureli]

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