Wednesday, 23 November 2011

get-your-wallet wednesday: it's kirsty doyle!

feeling irritable? spiky even? let your jewellery do the talking (so you don't have to) with kirsty doyle's acrux collection.

for those of you who haven't been instantly won over by these ultra-violet delights, don't worry: it won't make you look like the type of person that shops in camden (you know, in those shops? you know the ones we're talking about. with the scary shoes that are made out of soviet-era car tyres).

no - these spikes are made from czech crystal, so you're staying on the pretty side of punk (apologies to messrs vicious and mclaren, who are currently rolling in their graves, but, well, i like pretty things).

wallet feeling extra generous this wednesday? check out the rest of her pieces here.

acrux necklace: 259.00
acrux bracelet: 127.00

[gussy aureli]

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