Wednesday, 30 November 2011

what's in the bag?: the cambridge satchel company fluoro satchel

well, it's officially half way through the week. and unofficially too, i suppose (i'm not one to stand on ceremony).

so, what's going on here is a new weekly feature we're trying out, in which we have a look at a few things that are getting us through the week. starting from the bag from whence all said objects would be retrieved, right down to the industrial strength, 48 hour deodorant that i would consider keeping in a holster strapped to my thigh, except that i don't need to (that's the whole point of long-wearing deodorant i think - it's a exercise in holster-minimisation).

is any of this stuff in your bag? or are you more of a holster girl? is cleanser actually the best invention in the world? will the fluoro yellow of the cambridge satchel cause actual and lasting damage to my retinas? or will tortoiseshell specs offer adequate protection? answers on a postcard please.

satchel: cambridge satchel company @

leather trousers: gareth pugh @
chiffon blouse: lipsy @
specs: dsquared2, 01635277299
leather gloves:
scarf: david longshaw at
cleanser: eve lom @
deodorant: mitchum @ boots

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  1. i love this bag! that neon color is awesome :)