Wednesday, 2 November 2011

trophy wife interview.

after releasing their acclaimed debut single microlite in november 2010, trophy wife played a succession of successful support slots for the foals and bombay bicycle club. comprising of jody prewett (vocals, guitar, bass), ben rimmer (keyboard) and kit monteith (drums), the band describe their music as "ambitionless office disco- just because we like the sound of the words together”. we like to think of their sound as subtly disarming, minimalistic indie, just because, you know, we like the sound of the words together.
poxymash caught up with this dynamic trio and had intended to discuss gadaffi and al la carte communism. instead, we settled for discussions on nigella lawson and stationary. stuff the guardian wouldn’t be covering.

on single handedly plummeting cereal sales in their microlite video: we worked very closely with this guy called joseph kiers. he’s amazing, he has a brilliant mind and we gave him a few ideas to work with and he came back with the concept- the idea of this journey through someone’s heart attack. we just loved it and thought it worked so well. he’s very in tune with what we are trying to do so it all came together quite quickly . we like the idea of it being about another journey and it never really gets completed in a sense and we liked the idea of the finality of the heart attack.

on the name of a thing is not the thing itself: the name was just kicking around for a while. we just liked the two words together ! the name really came when kit showed us some of his photography and we were coming up with band art work. we had some photos of slightly desolate locations, so we pasted the words trophy wife on them and we just really liked how they came out.

on their next big thing status: really!? we try not to concern ourselves with that- but we like it really! we like how quick people have responded to our music. it’s what any band wants isn’t it?

on the oxford influence (the boys are part of the blessing force movement): we spent time away at university, but we lived in oxford for a long time. so ya, it’s where we really formed. there’s a lot of really good music acts coming from there, especially at the moment. but in terms of an oxford sound as such, i don’t think it exits. but obviously the foals have influenced us. it was quite a big deal for us, so early on to play a support slot with the foals.

on their uniqueness: our sex appeal!! na, our hand made drums! we have a drum kit which is one of its kind, which we made from scratch!

on ambitionless office jobs: our jobs have been alright. me (kit) and jody worked in primary schools. ben worked in sales in a stationary shop. he learnt a lot about pens and all the different types that can exist during that time. (ben commences listing every variation of pen he knows).

on their ideal trophy wife: margaret thatcher or…nigella, ya nigella lawson, definitely (all agree democratically). we haven’t been asked that question enough actually . that’s only the second time I think and i can’t remember who we said the first time. but i think nigella was probably in there.

on misty water coloured memories: holding the seven inch in our hands (cue digression into penis talk and protest of sizes!) was special. oh and seeing the video! there have been lots of highlights along the way that looking back probably seem quite small now. also getting a massive case made for the drum kit was a highlight!

on retiring to the countryside: there’s no race to be rock stars, we don’t think like’s just more about fulfilling ourselves as musicians . we are more in this constant development. since we started there’s been points we have worked towards and been excited about that . each stage along the way has been just as satisfying, in different ways . so hopefully it will always just be like that. we will just always have something to work toward, so NEVER, NEVER! you set yourself up for a fall in you are just in it for that idea of stardom.

on aural appreciation: we are currently listening to twin shadow, aerial pink, fleetwood mac, stuff by the shadows and pirate radio station.

the 31st of october saw the realease of their latest track ‘wolf’
with the video being produced by yannis philippakis (foals)

[aine herlihy]

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