Tuesday, 1 November 2011

of or pertaining to the spray can...

nocturnal : “of or pertaining to the night; that space in the heavens which the sun, moon, or stars run thro’ from their rising to their setting”

tonight sees the launch of british urban stencil artist snik's first solo show 'nocturnal' at the gallery, red church street, shoreditch.

snik describes his work as "i am a stencil artist. i cut stencils. i paint them once i’ve cut them. then i’ll cut some more, and paint those too. once i’ve done this, i’ll upload the pictures and process here. i’m nice like that!"

in 2004 the artist travelled to australia where he chanced upon a book that would forever alter his path "i picked up a book called 'stencil graffiti capital melbourne' and without sounding too cliche, it changed everything for me. the energy the scene had at that time was insane, people were out all night painting everywhere they could. i knew i had to get in on it. i'd done stencils before so i knew the basics but the level people were at; size, layers, details, was insane. i started cutting all night, spraying up my pieces whenever i could and with every piece i got a bit more obsessed. over the years i did local shows, local walls, then shows a little further away, and each wall a little bigger.  the real fun of what i do comes when i paint wall's, canvas's have their place, but the real buzz comes from walking away from a wall knowing you've nailed it."

we recommend you stencil his exhibtion into your diary!

to see more of snik's art work go to : http://www.visualdirt.co.uk/index.php?component=content&view=index&page=1

or visit the gallery for more details : http://www.galleryinredchurchstreet.co.uk/

[aine herlihy]

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