Wednesday, 30 November 2011

the daily poxy soundsystem: yuck -get away.

who are they: yuck

sounds like: rocking out beneath a memory foam mattress. 

why we love them: as we listened to them, while reading about the double dip recession (ice-cream anyone?), we thought, yuck, not that again. the link is tenuous, yet we've decided that their ambivalent air might be just what we need to survive yet another finanical fiasco. yay, go team yuck!

most likely to say: it's actually a big responsibility being this cool, y'know?

not out of place: blaring in a rough trade store, while disillusioned 20 something’s  pour over vinyl, wondering is anybody watching them.

something to ponder: what are the chances they would change their name to ‘ew'? it’s just so much softer on the palette isn’t it? today’s homework: work on my ‘y’ words…

[aine herlihy]

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