Friday, 4 November 2011

moins cher, plus chic: in which gussy seeks out the look for less.

so, i was at work yesterday, pretending to be busy being a product copywriter for a london department store.

all of a sudden, some versace homewares landed on my desk. (they didn't land on my desk, obviously. i had to go to the shelf and pick them up: they are versace homewares, not a ufo, or some sort of human-bearing spacecraft that would require a landing area. or a helicopter. to summarise, homewares
airborne entities).

in any case, being a copywriter, it was my job to write about them. i won't bore you with the details, suffice to say they were artfully decorated with a baroque-inspired print that was rather fetching, in a vulgar kind of way (come on, it's versace. if you want tasteful, try ralph lauren).
so when i stumbled across motel's little gem of a dress, the synchronicity was too much to ignore.

i can hear you say, gussy, seriously, what am i going to do with a dress like that? why can't you post something sensible, like a mac, or something about home and contents insurance? (in fact, you can find a delightful mac here. as far as the insurance is concerned, i say we wing it for just a little bit longer).

anyway, fact is, this dress is incredibly versatile, and to prove it to you, i've provided a line-up of four shoe possibilities from the ever-so-fabulous sam edelman (dress win means shoe splurge). let me talk you through them:

1. the grey peyton pump: ever so ladylike, and perfect for day. why do we like them? grey is the perfect foil to yellow's brash tendencies, and the triple strap adds just a little bit of costume drama.

2. the black roza studded pump: studs = cool. sid vicious knew it, i know it, and you definitely know it. best that these babies only come out at night, otherwise who knows what mischief will ensue.

3. the zoe boot, with amazo quilted detailing: i just like these ones, really. plus the beige panelling on the sides will really bring out the warmth of the yellow. promise.

4. the yellow javi wedge: go on, just go all out. life is gloomy enough as it is, with london's bastard weather, why make it even more monochrome? in fact, i bet you'll have people on the underground coming up and thanking you for brightening their day. be gracious with your thanks, but ascertain them for crazy eyes tendencies before proceeding any further.

so there you have it: i'm not going to go into outerwear and other accessories, i'll be here all night. plus, the shoes are the main hurdle, so you should have no problems from here on in.

and remember, keeping watching the skies.

[buy motel's ellis dress here]

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