Saturday, 23 October 2010

saturday night laces: twist and shout.

i'm going to begin by stating that i'm sure that noone's reading this; that instead everyone is out in the cold painting the town hypercolours. however, i shall blog on industriously. succinctly, and briefly (i'm tired, and want to fall asleep with a campari and soda in my hand watching flight of the conchords).

so, saturday laces, mark ii (just in case you're feeling churlish and are holding up my misdemeanor of having technically not blogged a friday lace entry. bastards). here are my beloved adicolours, ameliorated by some stunning kermit green mr lacy flatties. please note the sophisticated twistee lacing style.

that's about it from me tonight - keep sending over those lacing examples for the chance to win a prize whose mystery is only exceeded by its divinity.

[jessica aureli]

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