Monday, 18 October 2010

poxymash: a week in laces

for one person, i have a fairly ridiculous number of plimsolls, trainers - basically, i have a surplus of laced-fastened foot apparel. and yet, i get sick of them with shocking regularity, and feel compelled to buy yet more pairs.

imagine my relief when the lovely lauren at coffin on cake pr told me about mr lacy shoelaces. all of a sudden, there were myriad options for gussying up my shoe collection. so, to celebrate, i'm going to be trying out a different pair everyday this week.

today, i've kept it simple: my new white supergas (bought on my recent trip to italy), and a royal blue pair of royal blue smallies. i wore them with a little white shift dress, straw hat and denim shirt, to add a little nautical twist to an otherwise grey monday.

[jessica aureli]


  1. You have just made my life.
    -MD. You know it.

  2. and you make mine with your talk of tripthongs. you know it too. xx