Wednesday, 13 October 2010

o brother, where art thou?

of late mainstream rock and/or pop pundits in this country are all either clambering over one another for the 'next big thing', pouring acclaim on decidely average bands like dutch uncles and the xx (seriously, music to go to sleep to...) or exclaiming that 'rock is dead' and once again we're left with that whole laborious arguement of electro vs. rock.
I'm uninterested in all this piffle, music's either good or bad regardless of genre, and EVERYONE is an armchair journalist these days, even me by writing this...

moving on swiftly, i haven't found myself excited by any new music recently, no one has actually produced anything that's stuck in my head and given me shivers; most indie/rock artists from the uk seem to be peddling some kind of post-foals inter-twining guitar drivel. dull.

so then, enter brother, a rather aptly named (think brother's keeper) four-piece from sunny slough. these are early days, but so far from what i've been hearing and seeing, big, and i mean BIG things are set for these guys (a recent flowerpot show in kentish town, apparently their second live show, was rammed with industry a+r.)

in terms of sound, brother come across reminiscent of the early nineties mancunian britpop sound; think oasis, the stone roses and a dollop of psychedelia courtesey of primal scream. we're talking big attitude and a huge sound from these boys down south.

there isn't a myspace just yet, which seems to smell heavily of a calculated move on their management's part, but tracks can be accessed on their website [].

brother, ones to keep a very close eye on (and a gezoontheit rated favourite)!

watch their introduction video to get a vibe of what they're about and tune your ears to the sounds of darling buds of may []

[morgan hewitt]

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