Monday, 18 October 2010

time to recline

i recently went on a book buying binge on amazon. this is a not infrequent tendency of mine to spend a week's food budget on books which i don't really have time to read. however, things are going to change. the temperature is steadily dropping, and to keep my spirits up in the face of such inhumanity, i want to go furniture shopping. more specifically, i want to buy the calanda leather armchair from john lewis.

this is the chair that i want to sit in, reading my lovely books, with a mug of cocoa on the coffee table, and a tartan wool rug draped artfully across my lap. with this chair, my life will be different, fulfilled, complete. i will become one of those incredibly efficient people who have enough time to sit around reading serenely, rather than running around like a lunatic, because they always remember to pay the rent on time, the do one big weekly shop, and they answer any email they receive immediately.

my chair will remain forever spotless, unblemished by pen marks, red wine stains or mug rings, and it will never suffer the indignity of disappearing beneath a pile of handbags, copies of metro, and empty tesco bags.

i will sit in it in the evening, and when my boyfriend comes home from work, i will get up to meet him at the door with a dry martini, and inform him that his dinner is warming in the oven, and is ready for him whenever he wants it - it's roast chicken and vegetables tonight, darling.

this is all obviously total bollocks. i'd still really like the chair though.

[jessica aureli]

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