Wednesday, 13 October 2010

and now, a word from the gezoontheit kids.

gezoontheit - from me to you all, i wish you good health. we're a new collective that have started putting on events in and around london under the name 'GEZOONTHEIT' with some highlights including; FLATS, THE CAULFIELD BEATS, and an upcoming show with CHROME HOOF and are just about to start a monthly residency at a brand new venue opening in dalston called the nest. gezoontheit will be bringing you some of the most exciting new bands and acts and putting them alongside some of the most talked about acts around right now.

in an area that's becoming fastly vapid leaving people feeling a sense of isolation although being surrounded by people, we will be supporting new bands, brands, artists and designers and try to build back a sense of community to an area fast becoming invaded by a who's who hierarchy of faces that have no interest in the culture that first created it.

we will not be bound by rules or genres and we will not shun away new people because they aren't partaking in the latest fashionista statement of compliant individuality - This is our manifesto and like every one that is written we probably stick to it, so expect nothing, embrace everything.

our first night at the nest is on october 18th - make sure you get down, it going to be fun. peace out!

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