Monday, 18 October 2010

poxymash enjoys a hotwash at the indesit laundrette party

we’re not sure exactly what went into the indesit laundrette pop up party cocktails last friday night but they were delicious, we had too many and we’d particularly love a recipe for the hotwash if anyone knows it..?

in fact, everything about the indesit laundrette party weekend was pretty delicious. taking over the gallery space next to big chill bar just off bricklane and decking it out with their fabulous laundrette theme; friday night saw classic 90s pop played out of washing machine speakers and a bar area made entirely of washing machines. on saturday and sunday they served free tea and gorgeous vanilla and chocolate cupcakes to anyone who dropped by and while we don’t remember seeing anyone getting any washing done, we do remember having a lot of fun. so thank you indesit party laundrette and please come back for another pop up party weekend soon!

[tara wheeler]

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