Wednesday, 20 October 2010

the one step is wonderful: japanese artist hase.

one of the delights of wandering down brick lane on a sunny sunday is stumbling across art that asks you to regress. poxymash came upon the endearing works of japanese artist hase and took to the cement floor to browse through her portfolio.

stationed at the backyard market, hase’s paintings hang like little vortex’s into a world of simplicity. it’s like looking at something created by a child’s hand and a savant’s eye.

the uncluttered compositions make the pieces feel light and capacious, which sits in nice contrast to the thick, wobbling lines of the people on the page. all her pieces carry equally strong and powerful titles such as even if you cannot see it now, surely you can see it in the future or we don’t know until we try to talk about ourselves.

hase is softly spoken, with little english and as with her drawings, she chooses her words carefully and considerately. absent is the elitist oi went to ort school vibe. instead, there stands before you an artist armed with pink and yellow pens, carrying the message that basic is beautiful.

here is hase and here is what she had to say.

poxymash: tell us a little about your art?
hase: i think my drawings are not well and are not special things but they have small but strong powers of basic life. i hope people who see my pictures can notice small but important things that have been forgotten. for example i hope the hard - working viewers vision is expanded a little by my pictures . and i also hope that the person who sees my drawings feels that the artist also lives somewhere.

pm: what inspires your art?
h: basic life. common life.

pm: who is your favourite artist?
h: especially not. but i want to draw when i see matisse. i don't know about a lot about artists.

pm: what brought you to london?
h: i 'd like many people to see my drawings. so , i came to london for the challenge.

pm: what about london inspires you?
h: it might not inspire but after i came to london i could believe more in my drawing.
i can say that this poor drawing is my drawing now.

pm: could you tell us a little bit more about the artist hase?
h: sometimes I am a little strong. sometimes i am very weak.
i am full of human traits. and i am lazy...

pm: and finally, anything you hate about art?
h: i don't know about art. i just draw.

[image: the one step is wonderful]

[aine herlihy]


  1. onya.. if you squint with one eye, that foot could be a lemon.
    suspect ;)
    x fi

  2. excellent foot odor repellent idea!

  3. My girlfriend and I had the immense pleasure of meeting Hase at the Market this past summer. As former study abroad students in Japan, the two of us had a blast talking with Hase about her drawings in awkward combinations of English and Japanese. (She was earnest about not relying on Japanese! Quite inspiring.)
    She seems to capture the purity of basic human emotions in a way that is simultaneously objective and utterly sympathetic. They are both entirely her own, and yet inherently accessible to all of humanity.

  4. Joe, we couldn't agree with you more. I think we need to keep spreading the word on Hase. Do you paint also?

  5. Apologies for the slow response.
    I haven't picked up a brush since I was 7 or 8, but I do like seeing how people develop visual languages for expressing emotion, as Hase has with color and anatomy.