Tuesday, 19 October 2010

here comes the sunshiny laces

day two. london is grey. well, alternatively grey and rainy/bright and sunny, but by the time i finish work, it's pouring with rain, and i'm forced to lug home my gigantic suitcase through niagara falls, battling sodden rush hour tube crowds - fighting a rising desire to retaliate against the dirty looks with "stylist! not tourist, stylist! i'm not being an inconvenience just for the sake of it!". however, i'm not sure this would garner me much more support.

anyway, i finally get home, and it's gym time. everyone's least favourite time (don't talk to me about those people that constantly babble on about endorphins, and how the gym is their oasis. they're lying). it takes me the regulation 30 minutes to find my gym gear, minus trainers, and then i spend an additional 20 minutes looking for the aforementioned shoes. without success. muffling my screams of frustration with my (thankfully fresh) gym towel, i look for a suitable alternative. finding nothing, i decide to add a little bit of vitamin d-esque joy to the mental and physical hurdle that is this evening's gym visit. so i rummage through my shoe wardrobe until i find my favourite pair of primark floral plimsolls, and spend a soothing 5 minutes lacing them with a pair of sunshine yellow mr lacy smallies.

i won't bore you with the details of my exercise exploits. but suffice to say that i think i brighten up not only my day, and that of my long suffering boyfriend and pet rabbit, but also the good people of the whitechapel sports centre. i think i can safely say that is the first time i can attest to having brought some sunshine into people's lives. better late than never!

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