Friday, 15 October 2010

things to do to stave off boredom

if you do one thing this week… hey, oii come back… hey! this isn’t charity… this is about a new weekly activity thing we’re doing. yeah we thought it might be nice to blog one really good, really cheap activity every week in case you’re ever a bit bored/skint/down/uninspired/all of the above. are we not good to you, lovely reader?!

that’s right. and this week we have two activities for you. yes two. i know. ahem.

part i: pop up laundrette party

so, to start us off, a quick quiz. question: doing your washing + having a party =

a) dirtier washing than you started out with

b) a really shit party

c) a fun new party trend hitting east london

…that’s right it’s c)! well, and possibly a) as well...

anyway, we’ve been hearing a lot of talk recently about the increasingly popular pop-up party scene and we’ve seen a few people doing great temporary party installations at various london venues of late, so we are keen to check out this new laundrette party idea.

this weekend sees the launch of the indesit party laundrette and poxymash can’t wait. the washing machine theme has been meticulously applied to all areas of the space, including retro-styled laundrette and separate party area complete with washing machine speakers, tables, disco balls and a washing machine bar. the broken hearts and DJ nickname are playing on friday, whilst on saturday and sunday, they’re serving free serving tea and cupcakes to all.

[friday 15.10.10, 19.00-00.00: exclusive guestlist party]

[saturday 16.10.10, 12.00-18.00: all day free entry + tea and cakes]

[sunday 17.10.10, 12.00-18.00: all day free entry + tea and cakes]

[the dray walk gallery, dray walk (off brick lane), e1 6ql]

poxymash weekly activity part ii: off to the country we go!

our second activity this week is the country, a brilliant play on ‘til the 23rd at arcola theatre, dalston. you can see it for cheeaaap on tuesday’s ‘pay what you can’ night. we also love the café there and its collection of ramshackle seating, if you’re ever near by and in need of a place to sit.

“there’s not a limit to what can be said, only a limit to how honest we are prepared to be”

a doctor and his wife move to the country with their children to start a new life, but their rustic idyll is shattered one night by the discovery of an unconscious stranger. who is the stranger and why was she brought to the house? fraught with suspense, martin crimp’s darkly humorous and compelling play dissects the perfect marriage with cool, cruel precision.

'martin crimp is one of british theatre's best-kept secrets' independent


[tara wheeler]

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