Friday, 1 October 2010

so long sunday syndrome.

counter culture project have invited short & sweet - london's only weekly short film evening - and music producers ancient fossils to run ‘sunday sessions’ under london bridge. the sunday sessions are called cultivation: culture - creation.

speaking to poxymash ahead of the launch, organiser julia said, “we are all creative beings and being together, experiencing each other’s art and passion, helps to unleash creativity. these sundays are for everyone and anyone. it's a space to meet beautiful people and feel empowered”.

so what exactly can us sleepy sunday punters expect? “expect global sounds from around the world that will awaken all chakras, thought provoking short films, documentaries and music videos curated by short & sweet - the uk's premier short film festival, performance art, organic food and lots of surprises. we are encouraging people to make the space work for them. and welcome all suggestions”.

the low down:
what: cultivation launches on sunday, 3 october 2010.
where: 6-7 crucifix lane, london bridge, se1 .
time: 1pm- late.
entry: 4 pounds.

[aine herlihy]

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