Monday, 11 October 2010

‘let's get high by getting low’ to soul funk extraordinaire brian deady.

with the recession resulting in low birth rates, us folk at poxymash consigned ourselves away to a laboratory in the hopes of sustaining generations to come. after much bacterial bedlam and chemical burns,we reckon we have found what it takes to get the populace back re-reproducing. as such, we produced a musical einsteinium equation to illustrate;

take an irish musician named brian deady and add the following ingredients:

soul + funky doo wop + a beat we defy you not to bop to + lyrics awash with wit + creamy vocals that caramelise over every cord = sensational love making sound track!

in particular we love tracks ‘any ‘ol ting’ and ‘interview’, which can be found on his album also titled ‘interview’.

in fact, our findings couldn’t have come at a better time with brian releasing his new single ‘over like mc gyver’ on october 16th. after having a go off the new single, we suspect there may even be a wee sprog in us yet!

we caught up with brian and found out what he had to say on crows and the olympics. pertinent indeed…

poxymash: do you think your music has the power to improve low birth rates!?
brian: yes -i've entered talks with the japanese government to start playing my tunes in love hotels all over the country .Now, my sister and her partner just had twins which might sound like a weird claim but, we can at least see how it can work on a community level.

pm: you’re having a non-productive day, who/what do you turn to for inspiration?
brian: fresh air , cold water and a bloody good self-talking to .

pm: what has been the highlight and lowlight of your career thus far?
b: highlight so far would be l.a’s garth trinidad playing me on kcrw. lowlight would be marlena shaw going on stage after me. she really showed me what a great performance was all about – deflating, but in a good way .

pm: what is your least favourite part of the whole musical process?
b: business in general, but I'm adapting .

pm: If you weren’t a musician, what other career path would you have chosen?
b: some kind of below average painter, or a ninja.

pm: what is your favourite song of all time and what does this say about you!?
b: i have many favourite songs of all time - so I suppose that would make me a bit of a playa .

pm: ‘over like mc gyver’- how much of an influence has he been on you!? b: well he was the king of improv detective work .maybe even the bobby mc ferrin of 80's tv - i like bobby mc ferrin.

pm: we’ve been reading william blake of late and came across this gem ‘the eagle never lost so much time as when he submitted to learn of the crow’. what do you make of this!?
b: i love eagles, most crows are assholes.

pm: and finally, everyone’s gone olympic mad over here, so, if you had to compare your music to an olympic sport, which would it be!?
b: the 400 metres . running is just like dancing in a straight line - it comes naturally, especially to good beats.

Check out brian's my space at: http://http//

[aine herlihy]

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