Friday, 15 October 2010

all the cool kids have acne

yet more shoe love. this time it's acne that has stolen my heart. with a store recently opening in london, this scandinavian brand is going from strength to strength. its meteoric rise originated from comparatively humble beginnings, namely a collection of 100 pairs of jeans in 1997 that was distributed to friends and family of designer jonny johnasson.

the brand's strength lies in its fabulous basics that are imbued with effortless cool (who doesn't need a bit of that?). and of course, the wedges above. i love the way the wedge plays on positive and negative space, turning the stiletto on its head (although, i could be over-thinking this).

seek out the divine at 13 dover st, w1s 4ln, or [here]

[jessica aureli]

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