Wednesday, 20 October 2010

wednesday. wineday.

dear discerning reader: after careful research, i've concluded that one's photographic, digital design, and general motor skills are partially to severely impaired by the imbibing of wine.

with that in mind, let us turn to tonight's lace. i returned home from drinks with friends, a michelin man of layers, snoods, beanies, and bird-themed trainers, proceeded to remove several, though not all, of the aforementioned, scattered various possessions through the apartment and settled down to photograph today's entry amongst the flotsam and jetsam of my life:
mr lacy's pink with interwoven silver laces (featuring paddington round mooli, the rabbit).

skills-impaired i may be; however, these pink babies (not real babies obviously; in fact, that sounds a bit weird, maybe forget i said that) need no pyrotechnics, nor slight of hand - they're just rad. they are pink, and glittery, with an ombre effect: it's how i like my laces, and how i like my men (this is actually untrue).

one of the best things about these laces (and that is in fact a feature of all
mr lacy laces) is the logo on the tips. it's very very very tiny; in fact, it reminds me of those little grains of rice you used to be able to get at markets when you were a kid that had your name written on them. they were cool. my parents never let me get one. paddington round mooli will certainly never get one, simply because i don't wish to be the reason for which some poor rice-engraving artisan is left crippled with rsi, and rendered the laughing stock of the grain-related entertainment industry.

but i digress. here are the tips:

like the grain of rice, it is also hard to see. my flash is also not being my friend. however, you get the idea. tomorrow i will try again, hopefully with more success. tune in, it'll be worth it.

nb. while i'm on the topic, tomorrow i have the dubious pleasure of working a ludicrously late shift at my part-time job, so the entry may come from there. just a little teaser for you.

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